Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doing a Little Deep Cleaning

Last year I got feed up with my unorganized bathroom and decided to do something about it. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a mess most of the time but I do keep things organized. I’m in the middle of doing a lot of organizing and deep cleaning around the house. I deiced to take all my makeup and doodads out of their containers and give them a good scrub. Since they are all clean and makeup residue free I thought I would show you how I keep all my girly things organized.

This is one of the draws in my master bath vanity. I use the plastic tub for all my hair frillies and organize my bobby pins and rubber bands in the two clear jars (from Ikea). Yes, I’ll admit it I own shower caps….and yes I said caps meaning more than one. I keep them rolled and tucked next to the plastic tub. I’ve read in a few magazine that shower caps are out but if you have naturally curly hair you know they will never be out! The knitted things you see on the side are a new Sam Moon purchased. I can’t wait for it to get cold so I can wear them. I’ll show you what they look like on a later date.

I bought these little white tubs at Wally-World. The one on the left houses random things and I put my manicure whatnots in the on the right side. When we first moved in our home we lined all our drawers and cabinets with cheap linoleum. I first talked about that HERE.

Ahh and the drawer I use the most… makeup drawer! Here’s the layout: eyeliners, lipliners, and mascara on the left, face makeup in the middle, makeup brushes on the right and all my eye shadows tucked away in the back. If I want to do something fun with my eye makeup I usually pull that bin out so I can see all the goodies. I put the colors I use often towards the front so they are easy to find.

This is the cabinet under my sink. A Lazy Susan makes it easy for me to get to all my lotions and hair supplies. Humm I should fancy it up and bit and decoupage some scrap book paper on it! I’ll add that to my never ending list.

This is also under my sink. I use this tub to house all my makeup bags. If I’m out of town or getting ready outside of my home I usually grab one of these to carry all my makeup, toothbrush…..whatever. This makes it easy for me to see what I have so I can pick the right size makeup bag; they’re organized smallest to largest.
The small box in front is an old container that came with some face wash cloths. I use it to store my nail polish.
I didn’t get a picture of this one but I also keep a basket on my bathroom counter that I use as a catch all for the things I use daily (moisturizer, face wash, toothpaste,…..). I think it looks a little nicer tossed in a cute basket verses scattered all over the counter. Kent has one on his counter too.
I’m a messy person by nature so I have to work really hard to keep things clean and organized (like I said my home is not always clean. Don’t forget I’m still a domestic princess in training). It’s all about finding a system that works best for you, something that will work with your daily routines and make it easy for you to stay organized.
So, what are some ways that you keep all your girly goodies organized?
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  1. And now.....

    You make me feel somewhat lazy.


    You don't wanna see my "stuff". BELIEVE ME! It's not a pretty sight.

  2. You are SUCH an inspiration. Thanks!
    P.S. Did you enter my giveaway yet?

  3. i don't know why i never considered putting a lazy susan in a bathroom. good idea!

    here's one of the ways i've organized my bathroom in the past:



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