Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Spill the Beans….What’s your Christmas Décor Obsession

Well it’s time to confess…….I’m completely and utterly obsessed with nutcrackers and I don’t care who knows it! I would say that I’m on the verge of needing some type of medication for my obsession ;o) If you were to go shopping with me in a Christmas store and noticed that I was missing, just look for me by the nutcrackers and you would find me drooling. I just can’t help myself!

This is my nutcracker tree. You should see me right now; I have the biggest smile on my face. I have no idea why but for some reason nutcrackers just make me giddy even looking at pictures of them makes me happy…….crazy I tell ya!

This is tree is very special to me. This was the tree that we put up when I was in high school. I used to decorate it every year with my Mom and my step-father. It was a tradition that Allen (my step-father) always put the tree topper on. Allen is no longer with us and I miss him dearly. Each year when I put this tree out I think about the Christmases we had together and Allen pulling out the ladder to put the tree topper on. I hope this tree last forever.

See all the nutcracker ornaments? They are another reason why I love this tree so much. My friends and family know how ga-ga I am over nutcrackers. They are sweet enough to give me a few nutcracker ornaments to add to my tree each year. I find a place on the ornament that no one can see and write the name of the person that gave it me as well as the year. Each year when I pull out my nutcracker ornaments I love looking at all the names and dates. It’s a fun way to remember the person that gifted it to me.

A few from my collection. You can click on the image to enlarge the photo.

All of my nutcrackers are special to me but this little guy even though he’s not sparkly and little old has a special place in my heart. He was my 1st nutcracker and a Christmas gift from my aunt when I was eight years old. That was the first year I saw the Nutcracker ballet and fell completely in love with it.
For Christmas all I wanted was a nutcracker of my own, no Barbies, no dolls, just a nutcracker was all that I asked for. I opened my gifts Christmas morning hoping to find a nutcracker nestled inside one of the boxes but no such luck. I received a ton of wonderful gifts but NO nutcracker….I was disappointed :o( I know, what a brat and a silly brat at that! What eight year old only wants a nutcracker for Christmas? I played with all my new toys but was sad that I didn’t get the one thing I asked for. Later in the evening my extended family came over for Christmas dinner. We opened gifts together and I was floored when I opened a gift from my aunt……it was a green nutcracker the very one in the picture below!!! I was sooo happy and my family got a kick out of seeing me get so excited over a nutcracker. It was love at first sight! I carried that thing every where I went….thus the birth of my nutcracker infatuation.

There you have it! Now you know all about my Christmas decor obsession and now I want to know ALL about yours. If you don’t have a blog and would like to share tell me all about it in your comment.
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  1. I love your nutcrackers ! I only have 3 and 3 snowman crackers !

  2. Nutcrackers are such a classic Christmas staple, and your collection is lovely. Thanks for the party!

  3. This is aboslutely such an adorable story about your wanting a Nutcracker as a little girl.

    You do have a great collection of Nutcrackers!

  4. I've always thought nutcrackers were pretty neat, too. My sons LOVE them! My thing is vintage Christmas ornaments, and also 1950s Napco figurines. I just love opening the boxes to those every year and saying hello to the pieces my husband has bought me over the years!


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