Monday, May 03, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

I hit the jackpot last week! Thrift stores can be a hit or miss but I was lucky enough to find several great items!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I was driving around last week looking for something and I stumbled upon a new to me thrift store. Of course I was super excited and even tweeted about it! I found this tea cup and matching saucer at the new thrift store. I’ve been on the hunt for tea cups and saucers for awhile and was tickled to find a matching set. I have a project in mind for this little gal and it does not involve drinking tea! The silver thing in the background is a napkin holder also found at a thrift store.

Locations, blog 191   Locations, blog 192
These have to be my favorite! Bran spanking new Z GALLERI pictures with the original price tag intact. Don’t you LOVE when you find something at a thrift store that has the original price tag on it? It just further shows you what a great deal you’re getting. These were originally $29.00 each. My price, $5.00 each! Let’s give that one a BIG WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Locations, blog 190
LOVE this little guy! I took him home for $3.00

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I’m Lady Ga-Ga over the colors in this hand painted picture! The picture I took doesn't do it justice. I originally planned on painting the mat but decided not to. I really like the funkiness of it. This little guy became mine for $3.00

I know the book section in thrift stores can be a little daunting but you can really find some great things if you’re willing to spend a little looking through them. I was pretty happy with the books I took home. Who doesn’t need a napkin folding book… I right? How many times have you been pacing around your house because you didn’t know the fleur di lis fold? Well I no longer have to fret for .49 cent I can rest easy! I also found 2 really great cookbooks in new condition. I love holiday cookbooks. They usually have really great entertaining recipes. I jumped for joy when I found a cook book with a compellation of recipes from the best selling cookbooks from 2009!!! That one deserves another WOOOOHOOOO!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Another great thing to look for in the book section is music books. Sheet music looks much better than scrapbook paper made to look like sheet music….why not use the real thing when crafting if you can. If you do a lot crafts with sheet music look at your local thrift store for a few music books. This one was .49 cents. Not only does it look better than recreated scrap book paper it’s cheaper!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Liberty of London rain boots which can still be purchased at Target. I found these at Goodwill and paid $2.00 for them! Wayyyyy better than the Target price and these bad boys are bran spanking new!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         New Express scarf with the tag still attached. I think I paid $1.00 for it. It’s thick and super long. I know I’ll put it to good use when winter rolls around.

LOVE the ruffle details on this winter vest! I can’t wait to wear it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Another great thrift store find. I think I paid .50 cents for this little guy.

If you are not a thrift store shopper get out there and give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised with what you find. Now I’m not going to lie, you may be surprised in a good way as well as in a what the HE(double hockey sticks) is this kind of way but it all adds to the fun of the experience!
Happy Thrifting!

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  1. ok im in LOVE with the hand painted orange plant! just love love love it!

  2. What awesome finds! That's it I'm grabbing the kiddos and we are headed out to thrift...wish me luck! :)

  3. I love the rooster picture!!! You found some awesome stuff!!! Love everything!

  4. Oh, my what great finds!! I have those same 2 Paris prints too that I got years ago from a decorator. What a bargain. Love those rain boots too, you'll look so cute splashing in puddles. So glad you joined the party!

  5. Wow, great finds! I love your tea cup, and that ruffled vest *swoon* If your tea cup will be 'for the birds' then great minds really do think alike! ;)

  6. Wow, girl! Did you ever rake in the deals! You did very, very well! Good for you. Now it puts me in the mood to go thrifting again! lol!


  7. You did hit the jackpot! Great finds!

  8. You SCORED!! GREAT finds!!

  9. Hmm...I would love for you and I to go thrifting together, because you find cooler stuff than I do. I'm looking for tea cups and saucers. I wonder if we are going to do the same thing with them! Cute boots and love the vest, okay, and the rooster picture!

  10. WOW! What fabulous finds! I love this time of year. In Oklahoma weather is getting better and I am looking forward to finding some good stuff real soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Girl you scored BIG! You def get a Whooo Hoooo from me!

  12. I can't believe how many great things you got! I love the LoL boots and the vest...very cool. :) Can't believe your price on the Paris prints. Way to go! Thanks so much for the visit (and the Follow). :)

  13. Defniately some fabulous finds! I am loving the ruffled vest! So super cute! I love buying clothes in the off season-it's such a treat to pull them out when the right season rolls around! I get all excited! I know, I am weird! I am jealous of your rooster pic-too cute!!!!

  14. I absolutely love all your thrifty finds, way to go. Marla

  15. You got some pretty awesome finds there!! I love the Paris prints and the sheet music... I wish we have thrift stores around here.

  16. I LOVE the Paris prints you got. Excellent Bargain shopping. BTW - I made that chocolate biscotti recipe you posted awhile back. It was AMAZING and people were raving about it. So thanks for posting!

  17. Dang......I want to go shopping w/ you. Hard cover books at my thrifts are $1.50. You found some good loot. Really like the rain boots.

  18. LOVE the rooster print! and the sheet music idea is a good tip! Great finds!


  19. Some nice finds this week! I lurve the rain boots and the scarf. Some days are indeed hit or miss for finding our loot, aren't they? My yard sale finds for this week were not the best. But there
    is always next time..... LOL
    :-) Sue

  20. love your finds! that vest is too cute!!

  21. I always love your thrift store finds! You've inspired me to post mine (running related or not!) too! I love the ruffles on that vest. SUPER cute!


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