Friday, August 27, 2010

My First (Real) Photo Shoot


Flashback Post:


I came across this picture the other day when I was
looking through some old photos. It’s gave me a good chuckle!

My poor dog played model to my endless “pretend” photo shoots. Photography has always been a passion of mine and here’s proof. From the looks of my awesome bedroom décor ;o) I must have been in elementary school when I took this….maybe 8 or 9. I’m sure I was using my fancy and very expensive clicking windup camera. :o) Looks like I was being thrifty and thinking outside the box even back then. The taped up backdrop was a tabled cloth that decorated my nightstand. Ha! I love old pictures. 


  1. This really made me smile!!! I did the same thing when I was little and I had a little white poodle too!! I still love to take pictures. I guess the obsession started way back then for me as well!! Thanks so much for adding a chuckle and a great memory to my Friday!!! Lori


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