Thursday, August 19, 2010

34 Days Until Fall!

Let the countdown begin!
The chalk board above hangs on the side of my fridge and says just what I’m longing for. I have a deep, deep, love for fall! My home is decorated with warm comfy colors that the season brings. I will literally stop in my tracks and drool over foliage as it changes and welcomes the season. I often walk out of my house towards the end of September just to breath in that heavenly fall smell (Kent thinks I’m off my rocker when I do this). I don’t know what it is but something in the air changes when fall is approaching………..and I like it! 

Even though it’s stinking hot outside and I’m wearing flip flops and tank tops I’m pretending that fall is already here!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 I’m getting into my pumpkin spice coffee reserve! I stock piled pumpkin spiced coffee pods for my Keurig before they discontinued them last fall. 

I’m starting to get my bake on! Not sure why but I LOVE to bake in the fall. I made banana nut muffins last week and only at half a muffin (trying to watch my sugar intake)! That’s a huge step for a someone who has the biggest sweet
tooth in ALLLLL of Texas!

fair 09, fall wreath, halloween towel 044 
I’m tired of looking at my spring/summer wreath. I’m ready to put this bad boy back on the door! Maybe I should be the neighborhood rebel and put it on my
door before fall!

When fall is approaching I look forward to………

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes: at Starbucks: I can’t wait until Starbucks brings their pumpkin spiced lattes back. I think they start serving them September 1st!

 Yummy Fall Scented Candles: Bath and Body Works has their new Fall candles out. I just visited their site and it looks like that have: Carmel Apple, Cinnamon & Clove, Leaves (my favorite), Kitchen Spice, Creamy Pumpkin, and Autumn!

The Texas State Fair: Above is a picture of Big Tex. He greets all fair goers and is a big part of the Texas Stare Fair experience. Due to my “wedding diet” I will not be eating all the delicious fired foods the fair has to offer but I will take my camera along to snap a few pictures and enjoy a bit of people watching! 

halloween 09 036       
  halloween 09 022       halloween 09 021
Halloween: We LOVE Halloween! Can you guess who we were last year? How could we not be Jon and Kate…….right?

image   Warm Comfy Clothes: The picture above is a bit excess for fall but you get the point. I think this was taken during the BIG Texas snow storm of 2009 ;o). I love bundling up in jackets and sweaters, so comfy and cozy! 

I could go on and on with my fall love affair: fuzzy house shoes, flannel PJ’s, piping hot bubble baths with it’s chilly outside, nice cup of hot tea on a crisp autumn morning, pumpkin bread, fall decor, writing my thankful page in my journal……………… 

What do you LOVE about fall?


  1. I love the cooler weather, the color of changing leaves, visits to the orchard, and FOOTBALL!

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    La @

  2. i love my kids halloween candy!
    oh, wait, i shouldnt have wrote that for someone on a diet.
    im looking forward to wearing sweaters. something about a comfy sweater in october is so nice. (but by january, im over it!)

  3. I can't wait until the fall! I live in Houston and i'm tired of the 100+ degree weather! I love the fall decorations and definitely drinking a warm drink.

  4. I am with you friend!!! our house was purposefully decorated in fall colors so I could at least feel peaceful in my home when it was hot and blazing outside! What are us fall girls doing living in Oklahoma and Texas?

  5. I'm with ya sister! I LOVE fall! My favorite part of fall is college football, wearing sweatshirts, HALLOWEEN (my favorite holiday) and Apple Cider!!! Thanks for the I'm excited!

  6. Hi!! I have been following your blog for a while now and I have to say, I wish we were neighbors :) Your awesome!! Just the same I love love Fall...everything...the smells, the colors, the flavors, spending extra time snuggling with my lovies...baking, crafting, decorating...the works...I am an October baby which adds to my love for Fall :) I made this wreath not to long ago, I think you would love it :) So simple and darling, I wish I had more door, wreaths would be hanging on all of them :) xoxo Amy

  7. I love the animal print mug and pumpkin latte -- now you have me psyched about fall, too!!

  8. I cannot wait until fall! Football games, cool weather, and seasonal goodies (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Yankee Candle in Spiced Pumpkin, Halloween candy!)

  9. I am sad to say that my marigolds look awful in my yard. Dear hubby suggested that I do something to fix them since fall is the perfect time for pumpkins with marigolds inside of them. That got me thinking about fall...and you did such a lovely post on it today! I can smell pumpkin pies baking and ooohhhh for pumpkin spiced lattes!!

  10. I love that crispy fall smell, too. I also have a husband who looks at me like I'm insane when I say "crispy fall smell." :) Where I am we have the most beautiful aspens in autumn. The colors are breath-taking. I also love pulling out my sweater storage and getting to wear cute jackets (pea coats, bombers, rain coats, etc...).

  11. I love to watch films like "Halloween" in fall. It's so beautiful spookie at this time of the year :-)

  12. I love my jeans, sweaters, and cute boots! I had a bad experience with a pumpkin spice latte, so I hold out for peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes. ;)

    LOVE your blog's new look!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Kendra,

    You got me all excited for fall after that post! I love fall too and am always ready for it. I bought my first pumpkin spice candle, and I am counting down for the pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks! I think I go to Starbucks more times in the fall than the rest of the year just to get my latte fix before they are gone for the year.

    Your Halloween costumes were freaking fabulous! That is hilarious! You guys were a great Jon and Kate.

    PS- I like your new blog look too. :)

  14. I am SO ready for fall! Even though we are in triple digits, I am dreaming of the cooler weather. Your pumpkin spice coffee has me craving it. Wish I had thought to stock pile it too. I am dreaming of the pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer!!!!

  15. This is so funny, but today the ladies at work and I were counting down the days til fall! We too are so ready for all this heat to be gone. My favorite part of fall is baking. I love the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven! Oh gosh and by Wednesday of this week it's supposed to be 105 here! Fall can't get here soon enough!

  16. I tagged you in my recent blog post. Go check it out and play along!

  17. I love all of it! ALL of it! And we are going to have to head to Dallas for the state fair!


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