Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wardrobe Revamp: Part 1


I’m a uniform wearer!
I’m not talking scrubs here……….

You know, an “outfit uniform” that you love and wear over and over again.  I usually have 2-3 uniforms that I pick from. Now I’m not talking sweat pants and t-shirts here (although I do love a comfy pair of yoga pants).

When something falls into my “uniform” category it’s usually cute, comfy, something I can work in, and well accessorized BUT I wear that outfit until I can wear it no more! 

It’s boring and I want more from my wardrobe!

Now that I’m working full time from home during the week (unless I’m out shooting) I LIVE in workout clothes and I’m okay with that. There’s really no need for me to get all dolled up to sit in my office by myself. With that being said I do still fix my hair, put on a little makeup, and make sure my outfit is not too crazy (usually yoga pants, and a tank). I feel more productive when I’m somewhat put together.

BUT when I’m out running errands, visiting with friends and family, or on location shooting I want to make sure that I’m look pulled together and well…..cute!


I’m in a bit of a fashion funk!

-I seem to be drawn to dark clothes only! Dark colors hide thing, things I don’t want people to see like fats rolls and cellulite (yes I have it).  I love dark clothes but my wardrobe now resembles that of a vampire’s.

-I’ve become jersey knits biggest fan. It’s drapy, its’ comfy, it hides things. I have jersey knits shirts in all styles. I’m drawn to them like a bug to a bug zapper!  

-I wear the same pearl studs everyday even though I have hoards of cute jewelry.

-I’ve started dressing for myself, comfort, and NOT for my husband.

-I’ve stopped taking chances and usually go for whatever hides my rolls.

I could go on and on with all the things I’ve been doing wrong lately. Things that I know are big no-no’s. Things that I would have never done in the past. Things that I promised I would never do. I feel that I’ve lost my way……

but I’m ready to come back!



How I’m Getting My Fashion Mojo Back……..

-I’m slowing but surely building up my wardrobe and including splashes of color. Bright and bold colors are in this spring/summer.  

-I’m taking note of outfits I see in magazines or on the street, things that I like that I can recreate.

-I’m looking for items that are interchangeable with each other so I can create several different looks without spending a ton. 

-I’ve organized my jewelry so I can easily see what I have.

- I went to MAC and got a makeover (more on that later)

- I take the extra time on the weekends to get dressed (even if I’m just running errands) and try to look good for my honey.

In the past I was dressing for myself and why it sounds a little 50’s-ish don’t we all want our significant others to like how we look? A while back before I started my mini fashion makeover I asked Kent what he thought about the way I dressed. He said I looked like a cute stylish mom. Well, that’s not really a bad thing at least he threw in stylish and cute.  BUT I’m not a mom and I don’t want him to look at me like a mom, more like his hot wife.  That set the change in motion. It wasn’t a change only for him but something I wanted for myself as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dress awful before. I actually got complements on my outfits. I was just stuck in a wardrobe rut. I needed to be energized before I turned into the girl that is “soooo stuck in the early 2000’s”. ;o)

Now I’m not saying that my clothing, makeup, and whatnot are looking good every single day. Not even close! I still look to one of my clothing uniforms if I’m in a big rush. I still love jersey knitt. Some days my hair is a mess. BUT I’m making a conscious effort to define my style (whatever it may be) and I make the time on the weekends to play around with my makeup a bit more, wear something that I didn’t wear the weekend before, fix my hair in a new way…….you know, have fun with fashion the way I use to!


This post has become wayyyy longer than I planned and I still have loads more to talk about on this subject I but think it’s best to end here.

*The next time I visit this topic I’ll share a few pictures. I’ve been stockpiling images of outfits I like and I’m going to share them with you!

*I’m also going to do a little makeup review vlog and talk to you a little about my MAC makeover. :o)

So who read this whole post…..anyone, anyone? 
Sorry it ended up being sooo long. :0)


  1. I need a color kick right now too... Jcrew, I'm taking donations.

  2. I read all of it, YAY!! And I loved it. A lot of what you said applies to me & I'm ready for a change too. Thanks for the motivation I needed to get my butt in gear:)

  3. I read it!

    Good for you for recognising it - I definitely have a "uniform" of jeans and t-shirt, always on weekends and for work, I change it up a bit.

  4. When I am home with my grandson, I run around in shorts and tees. I am usually out in the garden or playing with him getting dirty. I do clean up well though.
    ; )

  5. I hear ya! I too am in a fashion

    I do follow Kimberly at Fab Finds Under $50.

    maybe you've found her already... maybe not, check her out.


  6. I did! I agree with you, I don't feel like I'm super stylish either, but I want to be!
    I think shopping for Serious Teacher Clothes might have to be my excuse. :)

  7. woo hoo for color! it's kinda the best way to boost your mood. short of junk food that is;)

  8. What a great idea! It really is easy to get in a rut. I have a hard time mustering up the motivation to put on make up when I know I will just be home with my little guy.


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