Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

I haven’t done a thrift store treasure post in forever! It really does seems like forever but it’s been more like 4 months….who’s counting though right?

Okay maybe I’m counting but I’ve MISSED it sooooo much!

Work has been crazy and throw a wedding in the mix and I really didn’t have time OR the space for anymore thrifty treasures. Okay maybe it’s more about the space. I can ALWAYS make time for thrifting.

I was going through withdrawals!
When I start dreaming about thrift stores I know it’s been far too long. Yes I often dream about thrifitng…..don’t hate!

I thought I would just pop in, take a look around and leave empty handed. You know, just get a quick fix. I was sure I was capable of hitting up GW and leaving empty handed…….no problem!

Well as you can see from the pictures below I failed!  



 The yellow scarf on the left is hand knitted and the white beauty on the right is a brand spanking new Fossil scarf! LOVE them!



Brand new Egyptian cotton throw. I’m a sucker for anything yellow!



Love this top! It’s very vintage stewardess, don’t cha think? I thought it would look cute with my favorite black headband (shown in the pic above), big peal studs, black Bermuda shorts, and my black Target sandals


IMG_4953-edit4blog I had to make sure I bought something for Kent……you know to kind of sweeten the whole deal.

He actually doesn’t mind when I shop at GW but we’re going though this whole declutter and organize EVERYTHING faze right now and I wasn’t too sure that he would be thrilled that I was buying more stuff.

My planned worked! The second I told him I bought him a couple shirts he brightened right up! ;o)

My total this trip: $20.00!


  1. WOW! Love that cute red top!!!

  2. I love that orange shirt!! I think that outfit will rock!!

  3. Great finds! I super heart love that shirt you got!!

  4. FUN! I have not been out thrifting for awhile either..and its finally spring in NY so that means LOTS of curbside freebies coming :)

  5. Yay you! I love the days when you find some gems :)

  6. Great job! It must feel good to find some cute things for such little cost. I love your blog and I am a domestic princess in training too haha. Following now...and looking forward to reading more!

  7. Your GW looks more fabulous than mine. Great finds.

  8. oooo those scarfs, LOVE. Cute blog girlie!

  9. I too have an obsession! Garage Sales! The outdoor mall of thrift shops!!

  10. which goodwill do you shop at kendra?

  11. You found some great stuff! Love the orange shirt!


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