Monday, April 25, 2011

Japanese Botanical Gardens – Stayacation

We haven't been on our official honeymoon yet BUT we did take some time off work after the wedding to relax a bit.

The sad thing is that our week of relaxation turned into a week of laundry, cleaning, thank you note writing, wedding slide show making, wedding picture editing, oh yeah and work somehow snuck in there a bit. I couldn’t help myself!

I got a little upset the last few days of our “staycation”. The week had flown by and we had yet to do anything for ourselves. I felt like we got the shaft! The wedding was crazy busy, and now our little staycataion was quickly coming to an end.

We had to right our wrong so we headed out for an afternoon romp around the Japanese Gardens…..

No work
No laundry
No to do list



IMG_2712-EDITw   IMG_2546-EDIT

If you live in the DFW area the Japanese Gardens are a MUST! Trust me you’ll want to thank me after you go! I’ve been out there 4 times this year and I’m still not tired of it!



I took a million pictures of the Koi. Not only are they beautiful they’re funny too! Who would have thought fish could be funny. They do this little pouty mouth thing that makes you want to give them all your money.



Doesn’t this little guy look like I just stole his puppy?
I found myself apologizing to him but I had no idea why.



Wish I could tell you the name of this flower but I can’t. It sure is pretty though!




This stopped me in my tracks!
I loved how the sun was shining through the trees. It almost has a dreamy look to it.



Yet another pretty flower I can’t tell you the name of.

Warning: Don’t look at the next picture for too long
especially if you have motion sickness!



I think this is kind of neat but I can only look at it for a few seconds.

How I did this: I focused on the end of the tunnel, bumped my shutter speed down, and zoomed in while I snapped the shot.  A little trippy but neat.


We stayed at the Japanese Gardens until they kicked us out and ended our night with a big feast at Pappadeaux. Pappadeaux is our favorite restaurant and where we met 11 years ago.

While our little staycataion ended way too soon I was happy that we took some time for ourselves; even if it was just a day. 


Link in this post:
Ft Worth Botanical Gardens
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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  1. I'm in Dallas all the time. How have I missed this??

  2. So beautiful, you are such a good photographer, too bad you don't live closer because I want some pictures done with my darlin :)

  3. beautiful pictures! We have a japanese garden her in houston but it is no where near as lush as this one looks.

  4. Way cool pictures! Glad you got to have a little fun and go to the Japanese Gardens during your staycation.

    I'm glad you are interested in eating right etc. The info I had on Soy is from Dr. Mercola's site...and he always has so much info to back up everything he says. I do have confidence in him. Anyway you can subscribe to his articles...and I think you will find a lot of them helpful.

    Have a good evening!

  5. Aww, that carp is pretty cute, but yes, also very sad looking. Maybe he's putting it on because he's hoping you'll feed him?
    Wow, that photo definitely is rather nauseating! I couldn't look at it for very long either!
    Glad you go to do something fun at the end of your Staycation. :)

  6. I NEED one of these asap as soon as school gets out for the semester. Or a vacation. It's pretty whatever. And your comment seriously cracked me up because it is sooo something I would have thought too if my dear boyfriend didn't have a strong affinity for heavy equipment. {???} He was pretty amazed that I didn't know the difference between a bulldozer and a front-end loader. Tonka makes them look pretty much the same. And yes, I bought Photoshop and I'm in love and can't WAIT to get on learning every bit more about this darling little goody. I downloaded Pioneer Woman's actions and they pretty much rock. Thank you so much for the compliments! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys looked so beautiful. Weddings are really just the happiest.

  7. How pretty!!! How is married life treating you?

  8. Your pictures are beautiful! The Japanese Gardens looks like an awesome place!

  9. Very pretty! Congratulations on married life! Always remember to take out for yourselfs.

  10. you have some LOVELY photos in there! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  11. I just came across your blog on embrace the camera. It is darling! I'm your newest follower :)

  12. hello!!! I read your blog from time to time - we live in Childress, Texas and often go to DFW for Dr.'s visits - love the botanical garden... anyhoo... that beautiful flower is a peony and you could plant one and enjoy it because they come back practically for-ever!!


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