Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in the Groove

I’m finally starting to come out of my post wedding fog.

I’m almost caught up with my work.
My house is starting to look like people live in it, verses pigs.
I’m very close to being done with thank you cards and wedding announcements.



I’m starting to feel my spunk creep back in!


And you know what……
I’ve missed blogging!!! My mind is swarming with things I want to tell you.
I even made a “To Blog” list.



Here are a few things from my list:

*The Foods We Eat
*Japanese Garden Tour
*Laundry Room Facelift
*Summer Wardrobe
*Random Phone Pics, Post #2
*Organize, Organize, ORGANIZE
*Makeup Review Vlog
*New Years Resolution Check In
*We Had the BEST Movies When I was Kid
*Summer Reading List

See, lots and LOTS to blog about! I better get busy! I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post. I’m think I’m going to start with the “Japanese Garden Tour” first.



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  1. Kendra...congratulations! My blog is not updating the blogs I follow, so I am just now seeing this. Your slide show was great. You were a beautiful bride! So pretty. I am so happy for you.

  2. Very cute thankyou cards! :D
    BTW, I also just noticed that I am apparently not a follower of your blog!? I am now! :D

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world-- we've missed ya!!


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