Friday, April 15, 2011

We Said “I Do”- Our Mandalay Bay Wedding Picture Slide Show

The wedding went off without a hitch!

No major issues!

The chapel was just as pretty as I hoped it would be.

I did my own makeup and was very happy with it! Before the wedding I envisioned messing it up moments before the ceremony and having to start all over….

but that didn’t happen. 

Kent looked handsome and my mom looked beautiful.

Everyone was happy!

Dinner was great and our guests were tickled with the selection.

Our cake was out of this world. I wasn’t expecting much since the cake was an afterthought added on at the very end of our planning stages but it was moist, delicious, and pretty! Dare I say the BEST wedding cake I’ve ever had!

I didn’t love my flowers but I also didn’t hate them. I thought Kent boutonniere looked great with his shirt and tie.

Oh and I didn’t faint OR cry……

until I said my vows, then I cried a little. Smile

Wedding pictures…….

I’m not in love with them BUT I’m so happy we have them! I’m just more of a natural outdoor photography kind of gal. As y’all know I’m cheap and we had to pay a pretty penny to get the digital rights to them. Paying as much as we did for pictures that you’re not in love with stings a little but again I know when we’re wrinkly and grey we’ll be sooooo happy we have them!  

Our trip to Vegas was quick. I still feel like I’m trying to catch up on sleep and things have been super busy since we’ve been back.

We wish we had a little more time to play tourist while we were in Vegas but it gives us something to look forward to on our next Vegas trip! 

Kent and I have been on a little “staycation” this week. Although our free time has been spent running errands, writing thank you cards, editing pictures, and working on our wedding slide show we did sneak off on Thursday and take a little time for ourselves. I’ll post pictures of what we did on a later date.

We have several family members and friends that were unable to attend the wedding so Kent put together a little wedding picture slide show so we can share our BIG day with them.

I thought I would share it with YOU as well!!!

Turn the volume up to hear a couple of our favorite love songs.


  1. Your wedding was beautiful!! Super love!! You guys look so happy :) That is my one regret, 7 years ago Sunday Bryan and I got married...we have next to no pictures of our day :( I know you will be so happy, even in a year looking back at your day and having so many pictures to remember the day from :)

  2. Congratulations!

    I can't see the slide show right now because I am at work, but I will be back later to check it out.

  3. Congrat!

    The wedding looked fabulous and you both look so happy!

  4. I haven't checked out the pictures yet but I'm sure they are beautiful. And if they aren't, then just save up for another session and get them redone, just you and Kent. Another reason to wear your wedding dress? Yes please!

  5. Everything looked perfect and you both looked amazing :) thanks for sharing this!

  6. Thanks for sharing the video with us. You were a beautiful bride. (You have such beautiful eyes!)

    Looks like everyong had a great time. Oh, and I think all of these pictures were very good. Yes, will always be glad you have each one of them.

    Have A Happily Ever After!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. I totally would do some pictures at home outside too. Mine and my hubbys formal pictures were all taken about a week after the ceremony! It's really fun to get to wear your dress again too!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Your slideshow is amazing and you look so fabulous! Congratulations!

  9. Precious! Beautiful! Amazing! Thanks for sharing your personal moments with us :) Now bring on those babies ;) PS - I LOVE The Cure! :)

  10. Congratulations!! Pics turned out good... thanks for sharing. You look fab!


  11. I forgot to say in my earlier comment....I love your slideshow & the pictures are amazing!!! I would be thrilled if I had any nearly that good of me & the hubs!! Love your blog and your photography!

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  13. You have no idea how lucky you are to have those wonderful pictures! I also had a destination wedding in Kauai, Hawaii and after my photographer backed out at the last minute our wedding planner had 1 week to find someone else. We ended up with a horrible, uncreative photographer! We had to pay $1,100 for 43 pictures! Thank God my Grammie was there to take pics of us!
    I'm actually blogging about our "Weddingmoon" right now because our 2 year anniversary is May 8th and I've never blogged about it. If you have time come check it out at

    P.S. Your hubby did an amazing job with the slide show!

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  15. Loved the slide show! Thought you had some really good pics! You looked beautiful!

  16. My fiance and I are planning on getting married there at the end of August! I actually came across your blog while googling Mandalay Bay weddings. It makes me feel good to read that everything went so well for you guys! Definitely takes off a little of the worry and stress! I am also a girl of natural outdoor photography. So I'm hoping the pictures aren't too bad. We live out of state and are only having a few guests, so photos will be the only way a that most of our friends and family will see the wedding. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your wedding!! :)

  17. Wonderful pictures!!! Girl you looked so beautiful, and I loved the flowers! Also really enjoyed the songs on the slideshow. I hope the two of you have MANY MANY happy years together, Congrats:)

  18. I love your post about with your wedding photos. I am going to be getting married in Las Vegas in October. I hope this is not to foward but I was wondering if your could tell me around how much you paid for your wedding photos? I am having trouble getting an answer about how much the additional photograph and photos cost at Mandalay Bay. I do not want to book it until I have a better idea about the cost. You were a beautiful bride. I tried to e-mail you but it didn't work.

    thank you!


  19. LOVED the video! Thanks for sharing with us! The wedding and everything before/after looked just beautiful! Best wishes for many, many years of happiness :).


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