Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ninja’s New Friend

Ninja has a new friend! I thought he could use a little buddy so I brought a little stuffed animal home for him. He LOVES it! He cuddles with it and give it kisses; it’s too cute!


The other day I decided to let him play him with his new toy inside his house. Well when I walked by I saw Ninja doing some very nasty things to that poor lion. I think Ninja thought it was time to take their relationship to a next level. Let me just say the lion and Ninja will no longer be left alone.


Not only did Ninja get a new friend he also gained a cousin!


Meet Benjamin Button aka Benji!

Kent and I gave my niece Benji as a birthday gift over the weekend.
She loves Ninja so I thought she would enjoy a bunny of her own. Yes I okayed it with my bro and sister-in-law 1st! I wish I would have taken a video of her opening her gift…..she was shocked!


Ninja now has his own facebook page!

I'm always taking random pictures of him so I thought it would be fun to give him his own little space on the web. Ninja will be narrating (cause bunnies can totally talk Winking smile )! Be sure to like "Adventures of Ninja the Bunny" so you can follow along with his silly antics!

You can find Ninja’s page by clicking HERE


  1. Hi Kendra! I haven't been getting your blog updates. I was on vacay too though. LOVED your root beer idea! What a fun and creative gift!!! I may have to do that soon too.
    Hope you are well!


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