Friday, March 16, 2012

From My Phone: The Last 2 Weeks


Had a shoot at this beautiful location!




Bought jeans in a size 10. Used to squeeeeeeze into a 16! It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve been a 10!




I think these vitamins were created just for me. Yes I bought them! Notice how they made the container and label shiny and bright……yep, got my attention right away!




Got this idea from Pinterest! Best hard boiled uh I mean baked egg ever! I will be doing this again! Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.




At a friend’s birthday dinner. I think I look tired but Kent looks soooo cute!




I can NEVER shop for others without buying for myself. It’s sad. Tons of birthdays in March which means lots of new things for me too!




Almost got attacked by this ferocious lizard.
Look at his face he’s just waiting to jump on me!
I could write a blog post on all my encounters with these guys. I think I’m a lizard magnet.



Yep 2 in one week. Almost stepped in this one. I waited for him to scamper off them realized he was dead….yuck!



Threw a glow party in my workout class. Wish I would have taken a video so I could show y’all how neat it looked.




Rock out to this song every chance I get!




Sweet gift from a friend!




Date night!





My armpits got died hot pink! What my deodorant looked like after I used it. 

That’s what happens when you wear a new hot pink top to the gym a sweat a lot. It took 2 showers to get them back to normal. I thought they looked kind of pretty though!




After workout coffee! Look at how the barista spelled my friend Holly’s name…hehehe. Yeah you know we came up with tons of jokes about the holy cup! 




This is what a begging bunny looks like. His house is right next to our kitchen which has turned him into quite the beggar. I was eating a banana which in his mind should ONLY be eaten by him! 



French onion soup at an official French restaurant! Oh yeah I’m fancy!




New business cards from They were pricy but worth it! I’m proud to pass these outIMAG0749


Kent’s getting the garden ready and Ninja is making himself right at home!




On my way to a shoot. I always feel like a pack mule: 2 cameras, lenses, shootsac, purse, and any props I bring along.



New polish from Sally Hanson!



Finally worked up the never to ride the beast!





On my way home from running errands I realized I was only wearing 1 earring. What the WHHHAT!!!!



At the .99 Cent store (which by the way increased their prices to $1 so it should really be called the Dollar Store) playing St. Patty’s day stage mom! I think this is totally cute but my friends gave it a thumbs down! 




Green smoothie love




Went thrifting with a friend!




Celebrated spring break with all my teacher buddies! I can’t wait for summer! 




Rocked out!




Kent and his shirt twin!



Whew lots of birthday and celebrations over the last 2 weeks!
Life is good!


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  1. Looks like fun! I love the St Patty's bow/tail. I'm running a race on saturday and would possible consider wearing that! lol

  2. Looks like TONS of fun! Congrats on the jeans and your bunny is just too too cute.

  3. Aww I love the lizard! It's actually pretty cute. :P

    I also love the green feathery tail, it reminds me of Maizie la Bird from Seussical. I think you should have bought it, lol!!

  4. I love looking at your photos, you always have so much fun!!!

  5. Good for you and your weight loss! You look great. What all are you doing?? I saw several pictures that peaked my interest. :) Cute cute bunny! We too love to garden and your green smoothie looks um....good. eeek. I've been wanting to get into drinking the green smoothies but I'm scared...Hmmm, maybe I'll give them a try.

  6. You have had a very full week! Congratulations on keeping the weight off!

  7. You look fantastic!! Size 10 whoop whoop!!!


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