Wednesday, March 07, 2012

We’re Cruising Baby

Kent and I have booked a cruise for the summer! I’m super stoked (yes I still used that word). We’ll be hitting up Mexico, Jamaica-man, and the Bahamas. It’s been forever since we’ve taken a vacation just to take a vacation. If we travel it’s usually because we have an obligation but this trip is solely for us!

Since I have lost quite a bit of weight since last summer I need to do some major shopping. I know too bad so sad! Honestly though losing weigh gets expensive! I’m starting to put a little money aside for my new summer wardrobe and have been doing a little window shopping for some essential items I want for our cruise.

I’m going for a comfy chic feel! I of course want to look cute but I don’t want outfits that require a lot of fuss and MOST importantly I need to stick to my budget!

Here are some of the items I’ve come across
that are a MUST have on my list!


I need have a floppy hat, right? It’s kind of a beach vacation rule! Love both of these! 


FOREVER 21 $12.80


FOREVER 21 $13.80



Something a little more dressy for dinner.

FOREVER 21 $24.80



Love this! I’m seeing lots of bangle bracelets in turquoise and gold, leggings, and chunky wedges!

FOREVER 21 $24.80



Jumpsuit to wear over my swimsuit and while we’re at sea. Love that you can dress these up or down!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Smocked Strapless Jumpsuit - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Target $14.99



Mossimo® Womens Multi Style Convertible Jumpsuit - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Target: $26.24



My sunglass are still missing! I’m thinking about buying the exact same pair. I’ve been looking and these are still my favorite! I’m going to tear up the house one last time before I make the jump.

Sunglass Hut: $124.95



Oh how I HATE this part! I’m sure I will put this off till the very last minute. I’m hoping to drop 20 more pounds before my cruise so maybe swimsuit shopping will be a little less painful. Not sure it’s ever fun unless you look like these gals!

Here are a few that I’m thinking about. 



I always go for black when it comes to swimwear. I guess I think it doesn’t make me stick out as much. I want to blend in as much as possible when I’m in a swimsuit! 

What about you?
Do you have a vacation planned this summer?
If so where are you going?




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  1. Cute stuff! We just got back from a cruise. I blogged about it all last week. So fun!

  2. I'm totally jealous!!
    No vacay's this summer... bills. bills. bills.
    i'm seriously loving those jumpsuits!!

  3. I love the second, striped hat! Very cute! :)

  4. Ohhhh I am so gonna need one of those cute jumpsuits!!

  5. Your swimsuit pics aren't showing up for me. Weird, cause the others are.

    I'm going to Playa del Carmen Mexico! Never have been to Mexico. Never really had any desire, but Texas country musician friends of mine are putting on another annual music trip that includes airfare, music from several well-known bands for the duration of the trip, all-inclusive hotel, etc. Pretty excited! (I say stoked too, it's never left my vocabulary!)

  6. We're going on a cruise this year for our honeymoon and I am trying to find some new fashions too. Trying to lose weight so I look cute in these hopeful new outfits.

  7. Love those hats! If I get to go anywhere this summer it will be back to Arkansas to visit my family. I'll have a new nephew this week that I will be needing snuggles from, so that is the only trip I really want to take. :)


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