Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bloguary Day 10 – I Was Attacked By A Mary Kay Lady

Okay I may be over exaggerating just a smidge but not much. I certainly felt as though I had been attacked minus the bruises and cuts. No, no punches were thrown but my goodness this was a doozy!

I was so angry after all this went down I did what any good vlogger/blogger would do…….grabbed my camera sat down and shared the craziness! I also chat about my views on the massive amount of newtwork marking. Why I don’t want to be pushed into buying something and why I’ve cut back on facebook.

Today’s post is dedicated to the Target Mary Kay Lady! Because of her I had something to blog about. So thank you May Kay lady! May your business be prosperous and may you find a better sales tactic!



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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I love beach body products and my sister in law is my coach, I actually am considering coaching so I can make money while at home....anyways another girl on my fb sells it and is so pushy and won't leave me alone even though I've kindly told her I already have a coach I am happy with. She makes me want to rip my hair out and makes me feel uneasy about signing up. Funny story, the hair straightener booths at the mall..... I will not wear my hair curly to the mall anymore about 4 years ago they approached me and my golden curly locks asking to straighten it, I politely said no thank you and that son of a b word grabbed my hair and straightened a chunk as I was walking away......rudeeeee I now can not stand those booths and would never recommend anyone buy from them.
    Love your blog you're so adorable and endearing.

  2. The nerve of that lady, it was making me mad just listening to how she was treating you (could be my pregnancy emotions, lol). I am sorry you had to go through that, especially during a mom break at one of the best stores ever! Let me just say, you were much nicer than I would have been.

  3. I'm sorry that happened to you. Honestly, I doubt you will bump into her again, but if you see her or get approached like that again, you can alert someone who works in the store. Most stores have rules against soliciting, so they would ask her to leave if they are aware of the problem. I've seen direct sale people like her. Trust me, if she was this pushy and rude to you, she was pushy and rude to any woman she approached in the store. As you said, this is how a lot of these people are trained to sell their products.

    Back when I was in college almost 20 years ago (yikes I am getting old!), a girl in one of my classes sold Mary Kay. Now she was heavily involved in beauty pageants, so she had the image and confidence needed for that type of job. When she learned one of my classes involved living in a house with 5 other girls and we had to host a party (just a regular party, not a Tupperware type thing), she nagged me for weeks, deamanding we let her host a makeover party where she could sell her Mary Kay stuff.

    She drove me looney tunes for weeks until I learned one of my housemakes was also a Mary Kay consulantant. Only she was just an average looking girl who was quiet by nature. She went into great detail to us about how you have to be pushy and rude to sell those types of things and she just didn't feel comfortable doing that. Eventually she quit trying and only bought the makeup for she and her family members. When Pageant Girl found out we weren't letting her have the party, she went on a rant about how much time she spent on me and how I wasted her time and effort! Um, I never let on that we wanted her to host a party, so she wasted her time on her own.

    Today I think more people are this pushy because as you hinted, it is easier to be bold when you're hidden behind a computer screen. I don't do Facebook or many of the other social networking things, but I used to enjoy Pinterest and blogs.

    These days I do not spend a lot of time on the Internet because so much on Pinterest is an ad to buy something and every other post on many blogs is a sponsored post selling essential oils, Stitch Fix, etc. I won't even start on the 500 ads that most slap on their sidebar or the sponsored posts that are illegally not labeled as such.

    I miss the good old days when being online was about sharing something meaningful to you, not just sell, sell, selling! I do understand it's easy to get hung up about numbers and making money and for a while it was somewhat easy to do online. Like you, I got sick of it and stepped away. I rarely look at blogs or social media if I know someone is selling. If they start, I just don't read anymore.

    I keep hoping the trend to sell online will die down, but I don't think it will until there are more people like me and you who will stand up to say "No" and stop giving these people the attention they are after..

    From one rambler to another, all that is a very, very looooong way of saying AMEN SISTER!

  4. haha.... you handled her a lot better than I would have. :)


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