Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Guest Post – Day In The Life of a Military Momma

So first I would like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Brittany and I am a stay at home momma to two amazing little ones. My son, MJ is just over 20 months. And my daughter, Harper is a little over 3 weeks old. I was born and raised in south florida, but my husband is in the army and he is currently stationed at Ft.bliss, so we are currently living in El Paso, Texas.

Well I wanted to share a little about a day in my life :)


My husband has to be up to get to PT (the morning work out) around 5:30 so I normally am awake around then and my daughter has decided 5 is a pretty good time to get up to eat. My son gets up around 7 so that is when my day really starts.

I get up and get my little man breakfast and then feed my daughter again. She definitely knows how to eat !
She also is so little and doesn't like to really be put down for a long time. So it becomes a juggling act giving out attention throughout the day.

Well between 7:40&8, my husband gets home to get cleaned up and ready to be to work by 9. He normally plays with MJ a bit and loves on Harper and then scrambles to get ready to go.

Mj follows daddy to the door and watches as he leaves. He has definitely become a daddy's boy since the arrival of his sister. Such a bittersweet thing for this momma. So after daddy leaves we play and have a snack and by 10-10:30 MJ is normally ready for his nap of the day. He will normally sleep for about 2 hours so this gives me time to do either one or two things. One being cuddle up with my baby girl and take a nap if she allows this. Or attempt to be productive and clean up the disaster the house has normally become since my son is like a moving tornado lately. If it's a good day at work my husband has the luxury to come home for lunch around 11:30/12 until right before 1. We live in military housing but off post, although thankfully we are literally five minutes or less from post.

MJ normally gets up right before my husband goes back to work so he gets a little more playtime with daddy. And MJ will steal my husband's patrol cap and car keys and pretend to leave like daddy. Saying buh-bye and see ya ! MJ loves barney right now so while i make him lunch after his nap This normally goes on. After lunch I do my best to let him do a craft even if it's as simple as coloring with markers(one of his favorites) or painting. Harper will normally give me one good nap in either her bouncer or swing and so mommy and MJ cuddle up and read books or play with his dinosaurs. One of his new favorites. Harper eats every two to three hours and has increased her feedings to about 3&1/2-4oz at every bottle. So i feel like i am always feeding her. :P

My husband gets home around 4:30-5 most days. Unless it's extremely busy then he can get called back and kept until like 7:30 or later. But as soon as MJ sees him he screams dada and the games are on. Mj yells im gona get you and runs through his daddy's legs and is off to wait for his dad to chase him . It honestly is one of the most adorable things i have ever seen. I then get dinner ready. Miss harper will either take over daddy's arms or on a good day she will sit in her bouncer. After we've eaten, my husband will take MJ to do bath time and its time to get ready for bed around 7. After bath he brushes his teeth and then runs to give his sis sis (what he calls harper) and I a kiss and hug and then yells night night, see ya, as he goes to his room. Then its time for us to relax. Either my husband or I will get the bottles ready and set up the bedroom for nighttime. Make sure there are enough diapers and wipes. That sort of thing. Then Netflix goes on And games on the computer.  Its a struggle to keep me awake past 9 most nights. As long as Harper allows it of course.

I have only ventured out of the house by myself once with the kids so far. On the weekends I am more comfortable to go out because the post hosts activities outside which is fun for MJ and I do my best to keep my inner germ freak at bay with taking harper out but just know i always have sanitizer on hand. Lol
It's not too exciting right now. It's a lot of cuddling, a lot of picking up the same messes, and lots of just spending time as a family. I was lucky that my husband got almost two weeks paternity leave so i had a lot of help to transition to a mommy of two. Next thing to tackle is my husbands first 24 hour shift since I had Harper coming up on Tuesday, so wish me luck ! :)

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