Thursday, March 04, 2010

Craft Room Before and Afters

I recently put together a craft room using mainly thrift store goodies. I thought it would be fun to look at few of the before and after pictures.
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After a little spray paint, batting and fabric hot glued to the
back of the original print. A garage sale find turned into an inspiration board.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 162
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 049
After a little spray paint and fabric. Antique inspired frames
turned into wall decor.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 175
After adding scrap book paper, and fabric. A Goodwill frame turned into a little workspace decoration.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 208
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 048
After a litter primer and spray paint.
A super cheap auction find turned into a an end table.
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craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 036craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 040
After adding a drop cloth and hand stitching the sides for a more uniformed look. An old foldout table turned into a perfect craft table.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 202 craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 201


  1. I love all your before and afters!! Great job!!

  2. Cute cute! I love your little end table project, it looks fabulous! Do all those little drawers open? Looks like the perfect place to store small odds and ends.
    I read your thrifting tips just before I left yesterday to go to GW. I hit the jackpot, you must have given me good luck! Found some cute stuffs.

  3. Great redos. Don't you just love black spray paint? :) Really like the end table.

  4. Everything looks so, so good!
    Awesome job!

  5. You are awesome! You did such great work on all those projects. I enjoyed seeing them!


  6. I just think that you have such a cute craft room. I love seeing you turned your thrify finds into something adorable.

  7. You did such a fab job! My favorite room in your house!!

  8. I'm so impressed with you! You need to start your own craft magazine!! My favorite magazines are the Better Homes and Gardens 100 ideas under $100 or something like that. You're ideas are even better. I can just see it now, "Domestic Princess in Training Magazine". :0)

  9. Very, very nice! I love the colors.

  10. Awesome job, I'm totally jealous of your room!

  11. Kendra,
    Thanks for sharing your room, it is motivating me to get my craft room done and functioning!
    You have fabulous taste!
    Have a great day!

  12. Thank you! My thrift finds are actually going to be in tomorrow's post, as I'm playing along with another blog's "Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays" party...everyone posts pictures of great thrifty deals from the last week.

  13. Kendra, your room looks so pretty! Love all the frame makeovers. Awesome job!


  14. Hi again. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The had a horrible, very large black mark right in the middle of the seat. My husband scrubbed and scrubbed with Resolve to clean it. We lucked out. We didn't have to try and reupholster. The legs are a bit loose and need to be tightened up.

  15. Just found your blog - it's so cute! I love love love your craft room :)

  16. i am completely in love with that black and white fabric on you chair - i must have some!! and it looks so cute next to the re-done dresser. love it :)

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  17. What a fantastic makeover - I need you to come breathe life into my house.

    You up for a trip to SOuth Africa? We have wonderful weather and food :)


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