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Thrift Store Tips and Tricks: 2

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1. Time is virtue: When it’s possible I try to hit my local thrift store right when it opens. It’s usually freshly stocked and not picked over. You may want to ask a friendly employee at your local thrift store when they usually restock. I was told by a Goodwill employee that they restock throughout the week but Thursday evenings they put out extra merchandise in preparation for Friday. I guess Friday is one of their busiest days. If you can’t make it when they open don’t worry you can still find goodies throughout the day but I have the best luck if I get there early.
2. Don’t let the weather keep you in: I’m not talking about snow and ice but if it’s raining or super cold outside you may want to go thrifing. I know this sounds crazy but when the weather makes you want to stay home it makes others want to stay home thus leaving an open store. I love when I walk into Goodwill when it’s wide open. I take my time looking around and don’t have to worry if I’m in anyone’s way. Yet again the items are usually not picked over since everyone is snuggled up at home. If you combine tip 1 and 2 you should be set!
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3. Don't forget the glasses: One of my favorite aisles in a thrift store is the glass section; so many great things just waiting to be found. All you need to do is just step back and take a good look. It’s a great place to look for candle holders to make things like this…………

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as well as a good place to mix-n-match item to make your own apothecary jars like this……..
Thrift stores have their share of vases some prettier than others. Like many other people out there I’m into apothecary jars but do not love the expensive price tag they come with. That’s when I deiced to try and create my own. Above are pictures of the 1st apothecary jar I put together using vase and a turned over ice cream dish as a lid.
I was at my local Goodwill the other day and saw a vase that I loved. I carried it around trying to find something I could use as a lid. Here’s what I came up with.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 160
A candle holder, something I’m not really sure what it is, and a vase.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 161
I have no idea what the previous owner used this for. It had some melted wax in it so maybe they used it as a candle holder but it was the good fit and I wanted to turn it into a lid for my apothecary jar. A little hot water and some scrubbing took care of the wax and cleaned it right up.
I used EC-600 glue to attach the small candle holder to the top my makeshift lid. It was super easy and just required a little hunting. Now I have a new (well new to me) apothecary jar for only $3.00!
soup, esty, 2.9.10 186
The perfect place to store my Martha glitter.

soup, esty, 2.9.10 184
The makeshift lid is not a snug fit but it works and I don’t think people will notice that I used a little glue to fancy it up a bit.
Before After
soup, esty, 2.9.10 160 soup, esty, 2.9.10 186
Next time you’re in your local thrift store take a few moments and
peruse the glass section to see what you can come up with.


  1. Very pretty! I think I'll try it!

  2. Great job on the apothecary jar. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tips and ideas! I just love thrift stores!

  4. Great tips Kendra! Thanks for sharing sweetie.

  5. i love the hunt at thrift stores...my kids only last about 5 minutes. i cant wait for break to be over! i need more than 5 uninterupted minutes!

  6. Cool ~ I love it! I really want some of these. You have such a good eye sister.

  7. Cute! Cute! I've glued candle holders and plates for dessert stands, but I'll have to look for some vases and potential lids on my next thrifting run!

  8. That turned out so well! I don't think I have the eye to spot items that could be repurposed like that though.

  9. Great tips! I love that apothecary jar with the glitter - so pretty! My craft room could use some prettying up!


  10. I'm with ya girl! Glass apothecary jars are awesome. Those are some great ideas you have. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. I love the jar! Very unique. Adn thanks for the thrifting tips...I'm a newbie to it and these will be helpful.

  12. very cute! I love to look at things for possibilities not for what they are and you did a great job with creating this!

  13. that is such a great jar! I love the shape! Great tips-thanks for sharing some of your wisdom!

  14. Hi Kendra,
    Speckle of Dirt here. After reading your comment on my blog, I went to your website and saw your princess button. Just wanted you to know that I make some beautiful crown crafts. I'll post one on my website and twitter page (speckle of dirt). You might be able to do it yourself and sell them on your site!


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