Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick and Cheap Photo Gallery

This little project takes places in my studio!
The plan is to eventually order canvases for the walls BUT we have a problem.
I’m SUPER indecisive when it comes to deciding on something I’m going to be locked into for awhile.  You should see me trying to pick out a yearly planner or paint color……….oh man it’s bad!
I have tons of favorite images which changes daily. How in the world am I supposed to pick a small handful stick with them?
This is a decision that will take some time and these walls needed a little love while Mrs. Indecisive over here makes up her mind! The quick  yet temporary  fix?

It’s exactly what the title says!
Quick: It took me 30 minutes to put this together! I hate measuring things!
Nope this ADD gal does not have the attention span to measure everything thing out perfectly which drives the hubby nuts!
I just eyeballed it! Not prefect but eh it works!


Cheap: I printed a few of my favorite images. Ran to Walmart and bought mini clothes pins and twine which you can find in their craft section. 
Place a little nail at the end of each section and twist the twine around the nail head until it’s secure. Get your clothes pins and go to town!

There ya have it! The perfect fix for the indecisive girl!

Another great thing about this project is that it’s super versatile!
It’s so easy to change the photos out. This would be great for Instagram photos and random mementos!


This big blank wall above the changing table screams “AWESOME GALLERY WALL USE ME” but until I make up my mind this will do!


Because we all love a little behind the scenes shot here’s some of my prop stash.
Notice the key word “some”.
Yeah there are 2 other shelves on the other side of these and a garage full of stuff!

Ummm and no I'm not preggers silly!
Just in case you missed the top of this post this project was done in my studio. Don't let the changing table and welcome Savannah sign throw you off!

Ps….Have you seen our super cute new blog button? I love it!


  1. Did I miss a post? Are you preggo? If so, congrats!
    Love the photo gallery idea. I did that for my son's first birthday with one pic from every month of his first year.

  2. Ha! not preggers this is in my stuido! I have a changing table in there for a my itty-bitty clients. :)

  3. Cute cute project!! :) Love how simple it is, yet it makes an impact. Thanks for the comment!


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