Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Celebrating Easter Huie Style

We didn’t have anything planned this year.

We let the day make of its self what it wanted. Which always ends up being some of my favorite days!

I whipped up little grub: whole wheat pancakes (I was very impressed with the Log Cabin whole wheat pancake mix super fluffy and delish), a little fruit salad yummy-yummy (you know you can’t hear the words fruit salad without thinking about the Wiggles, and an egg white scramble. The dogs even got a little Easter love in their dog food.


After we filled our bellies we decided to hit the park!

We found a really neat little creek to play in. Brady loved it!

Brady Playing in the Creek Easter Collage


It was beautiful outside! Perfect for a walk.

Brady is awful at walking on the leash. He pulls, jumps, and darts at runners as they pass by. We’ve been trying to work on it but not seeing tons of improvement. Little Mr. is going to obedience school in 1 week. We’re hoping to whip him into shape before baby Weston arrives.


Normally when people run buy he starts acting all crazy but yesterday we saw two gals run by in tiny shorts and revealing sports bras. Brady stopped in his tracks and just watched them run buy. He was totally checking them out and saying  “Yowza hey there pretty ladies!” with his eyes.  Kent and I were cracking up!

Sweet Boy Brady Easter


Brady always looks so well behaved in the photos we post of him. Don’t be fooled he is a HUGE and I mean HUGE handful. Seriously it’s always something with this guy. My Instagram buddies get to hear all about Brady aka Imamess, which is what his name should be.  He’s adorable but I would not recommend a Border Collie for a 1st time dog owner……..nope! It seems like every place we take him (1st time meeting his vet, training school, or even a BC lover that passes us by) we always get “the talk” about the breed. It always starts with what a huge responsibility it is to become a BC owner and ends with but they are great pets if you are able to train them correctly. They are amazing dogs and one of the smartest breeds but all that brain power needs to be worked. It’s recommended that BCs get at least 2-3 hours of off leash play a day. Yep that’s Monday-Sunday!   They are very active and need to be exercised. Just a walk around the neighborhood is not enough. When we don’t give Brady a job or exercise his body and mind we notice a huge difference in his behavior. BCs are not for people who don’t live an active lifestyle. These are not your sleep all day/night type of dogs. They are always on the go, bread to be  working dogs! If you do live an active lifestyle and you’re willing to put the time into training and exercising them BCs are awesome dogs! He really is one of the sweetest smartest dogs we’ve ever owned but he’s a ton of work. If you or someone you know is considering a BC just do your research. Learn about the breed and see if you think you would be a good fit. Don’t get on just because you think they are cute.

I just felt the need to share. I’m always posting these cute pictures of him where he’s sitting and looking so well behaved. Don’t get me wrong he is for the most part very well behaved (he has a few behavioral problems we’re trying to correct) but he requires a lot of attention and work!

Okay off my soapbox!

IMG_ brady by yellow flowers easter 2013web


After the park we headed to Whole Foods for a little patio lunch action. I ordered a veggie wrap that was soooo stinking good! I’m thinking I’m need to hit them up again this week for another one.

Kent and I love getting in our patio time when the weather is nice!



After lunch Kent made me a very happy wife!

He got his chainsaw out and took down 2 trees that I’ve hated since the day we moved in….8 years ago.




Just look at them! Kent has this thing about cutting down trees and would not budge. It was a battle I would never win.

One day out of the blue he says it’s time to say goodbye to the ugly things.

I was totally shocked! 8 years I’ve been complaining about those things…….8 freaking years.


Kent said they were dying and asked if I had anything to do with it. Nope, but if he gave me a few more years I may have taken matters into my own hands.

Ahhh sooo much better! I hated the way they closed off our porch and dated our house. It looks more open and fresh!



Brady got in a little puppy nap………

Brady Sleeping Easter8361

and I took a bubble bath and snapped way too many pictures of this awesome mask! The mask promises health and beauty. As you can see it’s totally working!

I posted this on Instagram and quickly lost 4 followers ahahah! I don’t blame them this is some scary stuff! Not everyone can hang!

Kent said I looked like Kevin Bacon and an Instagram buddy said the top left photo looks like Donkey from Shrek (I totally agree).


Hope y’all had a great Easter!
I can’t help but think this will be our last Easter kid free.


  1. I remember the first couple of days when we got our Border Collie and I thought, "What am I going to do with him?" But, really, after only a few days he calmed down. He is the BEST dog!! I would actually totally recommend one for a first-time dog owner. Talk about LOYAL!!

  2. Looks like an amazing day... your home does look much better sans trees!

  3. Haha Kendra! Love it!! I enjoy reading everything you post! I don't always comment, but I am here listening to everything you say!!

  4. Great pic... wow!! I've never seen the front of your house ~ it's HUGE, and nice. So much better without those trees!! :)


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