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Bump Watch–15.5 Weeks


IMG_8072-edit15.5 ww w 3.28.13

Happy Easter (sorry getting this up a little late)!
I had to get sweet Ninja in on this week’s Bump Watch shot. He looks thrilled right?


How Far Along: 15 week and 5 days! I feel like it’s literally a bump watch at this point. My lower abdomen has rounded out a little more but that’s about it. I feel like it’s more my body than belly that’s doing the rounding out. I my face has gotten a tab bit fuller and I swear my butt is growing if that’s even possible. I have a big booty so this is a little scary.


What’s the Baby Up To: Little nugget is 4 inches long (about the size of an apple) and covered in fine hair. The hair keeps our little man warm and at a consistent temperature. Although I don’t think he’ll need it once the TX summer kicks in.  His taste buds are forming (hope he likes Asian food) and his fingernails/toenails are growing.  Weston can now hear my heartbeat, voice, and breathing (that’s exciting stuff). He is also swallowing, making faces, and sucking his thumb (oh my gosh soooo cute).


Best Moment of the Week: 1. Registering at the hospital! I know it sounds silly but it feels good to cross that off the list. It was our 1st time seeing the labor and delivery floor. It so nice! Planning on going back for a tour next week.

2. Impromptu movie, dinner, and frozen yogurt with our friends. Love spending time with them! We always have lots of laughs. I feel so blessed to have such a good circle of positive, happy, life loving friends. 


Funny/Odd Things That Happened: I had to add this question into the rotation because I feel like the weirdest things always happened to me.  I talk to strangers so that may be why.

-Kent and I were at lunch and a lady walked up to us and told me she took a picture of my hair to text to her daughter. People often stop me to talk about my wild hair but this was a 1st. She said her daughter and I are hair twins and she’s been missing her daughter so she enjoyed looking at my mane. She was sweet but my hair felt a little violated……just kidding of course it loved the attention.

-Another hair related one! I went to the Aveda training school to get a cut (6 inches now gone) and a root touch up aka hide a few grays. They always do a great job but you never know what type of character you’re going to get. This time I got a young guy fresh out of high school. He was sweet but I could tell he was a little immature. I also loved hearing him say that I was his 1st client. Have you seen my hair…..POOR GUY no fun for your 1st time around! Well we started talking about color and he said “Do you mind me asking how old you are?” to which I replied “No, I’m 30.” He then went on to say “Gosh how in the world do you have soooooooooo much gray hair.” Uh really dude…..really? Seriously y’all it’s not that bad. I have one little patch that is about 10 gray hairs grouped together. It kind of looks like a gray hair highlight. He then went on to tell me that his nana had gray hair and embraced it and so should I. Yeah thanks for the nana tip buddy! Anyway I will not being going back. Not because of the guy but it just takes so stinking long. I started going because I was in between hair dressers and too lazy to find one. Good thing about going to a training school is they have a ton of students so they can always get you in on the fly. Well I’m done being lazy it’s time to find a stylist one who will not tell me to embrace my nana hair! 

Clothing: I can’t wait to dress my bump up but for now I live in anything stretchy and baggy. Leggings (so glad they’re in style) baggy tops and boots are my go to outfit of choice. I can still get butt my in my skinny jeans but they are not super comfy after I eat and I feel like they really make my belly look fat not pregnant so I usually skip them unless I go casual and wear a t-shirt and some flip-flops. Not loving this fluffy awkward stage. I’m not really picking out cute outfits more like trying to hide the bump aka fluffy baby tummy and looking for something comfy.


Cravings: I took a Zumba class the other day and all I could think about was chips and salsa! Seriously the whole class my mouth was watering. That’s what happens when you play salsa music around a pregnant girl I guess. Still craving pickles and mash potatoes. I made mashed cauliflower and it totally worked! Something else I’ve noticed that pretty much anything I eat taste delicious. It’s like my taste buds have magnified and have super strength. I was drooling over an apple yesterday. I swear it was the best apple I’ve ever had but then again I say that pretty much anytime I eat these days. Anyone else experience this during their pregnancy?


Symptoms: “ I have to go pee! “ and “Oh I totally forgot".” are 2 things I say often. The pee thing started before I even knew I was pregnant and has not let up. I get up at least once a night to visit the loo. Sometimes it’s worth the visit other times I wonder where’s all the pee that’s causing me to feel like I’m about to wet my pants. As far as the forgetful thing it’s not as bad as I hear it gets but I keep forgetting to put my seat belt on (which I always wear)  along with other silly little things like leaving refrigerated food out. 

I had my 1st oh maybe I should call the Dr. moment this week. I was having a pain in my side. It wasn’t painful but uncomfortable and felt different than a pulled muscle. It would wake me up at night when I was moving and got a little worse as the week went on. To be on the safe side Kent thought I should call. The doctor thinks I just pulled something. I didn’t think it was anything big just wanted to make sure I didn’t rip something. 

Another fun symptom this week is gas. Oh man my burps can put any teenage boy to shame. I’ve never been able to burp with so much power. Kent and I always get a kick out of it.  Sometimes I think I feel the baby kicking but it’s probably just my gas baby saying hi. Good thing we’re so open with each other when it comes to stuff like burping and potty humor. Some of my most favorite Kent stories involve gas!

Something else I’ve noticed this week is that it’s hard to tighten my abs.  It’s like they aren’t even there anymore. I have to really concentrate and focus on tighten them to feel it a little. I’ve read this is normal in your 2nd trimester

Notes to Nugget: Hi Nugget! We’ve had many nicknames for you since we found out you’re in my tummy. *Baby Mango (ask your dad about that one), Baby Bean, Nugget, Baby Huie, Grayson (friends and family called you that for about a month. I shocked them all when I decided to change it to Weston. Love the name Grayson BUT it just didn’t feel right. Weston sure does though!). Your dad still really likes Grayson but I have a feeling it’s going to catch on a be a popular name soon. I want you to have your own pizzazz! I love saying your name but I really love when your Daddy says it! It warms my heart to hear him say things like “When Weston gets here…..” or “Let’s take Weston to……..” not sure why but it gets me every time.

Now that I’m feeling more like my hyper self your daddy and I have been very busy working on the house to get it all ready for your arrival.  I’ve been organizing everything and your Dad has a list a mile long of things to help with. Right now his out in the backyard planting tons of yummy herbs in the garden. For the past 2 years he’s planted tons of veggies along with herbs but we know we’ll be pretty busy once you get here and won’t have time to look after a garden full of veggies so herbs it is this year! I know he’s excited about doing this with you when you’re old enough.

We celebrated Easter with you in my tummy. This is our 5th holiday with you on board including: Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St Patrick's Day, and now Easter. We also took you to see Oz the Great and Powerful. We thought it was okay but not as good as we hoped!


Random Instagram Pics from this Week (User name Kendra_Pryor):

Drinking water all the live-long-day can get boring so I like to fancy it up! Mint and lime = yummy!



Fun baby mail day!



Mashed cauliflower topped with shaved parmesan to help curve my mash potato craving.



Adding the Zulliy app to my phone was stupid! I’ve put myself on a baby Weston spending freeze so I’ve been taking pictures of things I want to buy to satisfy my “Oh my gosh so cute I must buy it” problem.



Kent and I waiting for our doctor. We had our 4th check up this week. Love that Kent has been able to go to all our appointments so far!


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  1. Oh my gosh! You are too cute! I love following your blog! Excited for you guys! :)


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