Friday, February 11, 2011

Because Sometimes it’s Fun to Look at Pictures


I love to take pictures. I love to look at pictures. I love to read books and articles about how to take pictures. I’m pretty much obsessed with anything photography related. In fact I take pictures for a living! :o)

Because pictures are FUN I thought I would share a few with you. No words just pictures. because sometimes that’s all you need.














IMG_1853-edit365    Blog-Board-3-Opening-Vertical365

















These are all pictures from my Project 365 that I’m doing over on my photography fan page. I go into a little more detail about each image and have several more posted if ya want to take a gander. You can find it by clicking HERE and then going to my photo tab. Say hi if ya stop by! 


  1. Aww, I love the cute little coffee bean (?) snowman! :)

  2. lovely pictures! I think you are very talented. If I had a big event in my life and you lived closer, I'd hire you to document it. :)

  3. Those leaves make me so happy. Beautiful photos!

  4. I LOVE the "Let it Snow" shot!!! WOW!!!! Thanks for the comment on my picture of Emma in the sunglasses. She actually held still long enough for me to take several shots. She'd move b/c Natalie kept jumping around in the background and make her turn to see the commotion. Drove me nuts. ;)


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