Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Celebrating 56 Years of Life

Last week my family got together to celebrate my aunt Saundra’s 56th birthday!


Let me just say that my aunt is a real character! I’m not too sure that you’ll ever meet anyone quite like her.

She always keeps us on our toes and often shocks us with the silly things that come out of her mouth! Maybe that’s where I get it from……hum.

Our server sang happy birthday to my aunt and fed her a mouth full of dessert. Love the expressions on her face in the pictures above!

After lunch was over we walked to Cheesecake Factory to enjoy a little dessert!




My mom, like myself is trying to lose weight before the wedding It’s hard eating strawberries when everyone around you is eating decadent cheesecake!

I ordered the splenda cheese cake but I was good and only had a few bites. Y’all their splenda cheese cake is delish! If you’re watching your weight and want a little treat I would highly recommend it!



Isn’t my aunt Mary beautiful! She’s 80 years old but you would never know it. I can only hope that a smidge of her grace rubs off on me. I love her to pieces. Side Note: Aunt Mary is not really my aunt but that’s what I call her. Want to know something even more tricky? I used to call her husband grandpa, so it was Aunt Mary and grandpa.

After our bellies were full we headed to HomeGoods to get our shop on!



Guess who was the only one that ended up buying something……yes me!

I found the cutest pillow I’m going to use as a prop in my upcoming newborn shoots. I always feel better about shopping if I’m buying something that’s work related. I’m starting to get a little out of hand with all the work shopping. I bought a new pair of jeans the other day because I thought they would be good “shooting jeans.”  See what I’m saying.

It was nice to get out from behind the computer and enjoy the day with my family. We always have such a great time when we get together! 


  1. Wow Aunt Mary really is beautiful. She looks so much younger than her age. Looks like a really good time with your family.

  2. Such fun girl time! :) There's a Cheesecake Factory about an hour from us, and it's a good thing too. ;) It would be really hard for me to order the Splenda version with everything else they have going on, but it's nice to know I have the option. ;)

  3. I'm not sure the Cheesecake factory has any little desserts. :-) Mmmmm I can taste it! I didn't know about the splenda either. Wonder if they make the mile high cake with splenda? HA Loved seeing your family having fun together.

  4. Great picture of you and Mary! Love the look on Saundra's face. :)


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