Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Story VLOG: Part 3

Hello……is this thing on?

I always wonder who watches these.

It shows that they get around 100 views but the Our Story vlogs usually get 1 to 2 comments.

Makes me wonder who the other 98 people are.

I think it will be fun one day to look back and reminisce on all my crazy China stories and how it had a part in our love story.

So I keep talking and taping away………

even if people are too shy to leave a little comment love.

That’s okay! I just hope the other 98 of you that are watching are not serial killers!

I’m kidding! Okay maybe there is a little truth to that. :o)   


Sorry about the title mishap. This is part 3 I just titled it wrong. ;o) 
You can find links to part 1 and 2 below.


Oh the screen shots that youtube picks. They always make me look so great! ;o) The screen shot from part 2 a few weeks back made me look like I was performing a magic trick. Now that was kind of neat. This one is just plain mean!


If your new to the Our Story vlogs you can watch part 1 and 2 by clicking the corresponding title below.

- Part 1
- Part 2

Flashback Picture

img025Us in Hong Kong getting our eat on! I think we were eating dim sum here. If you’ve never had dim sum I would highly recommend giving it a try. It’s delish! Are you wondering what dim sum is? If so click HERE to get the 411.


  1. I don't think Youtube wants me to watch this video. It keeps giving me an error message. :( LOL at the magic trick screenshot though! :P

  2. Loved this one, though it was 9 minutes, I felt like you had just started talking and it was over :) You are a great talker in my opinion for make me feel like a girlfriend sitting around the table just chatting :):)

  3. Hey Kendra I love the vlog posts! It's always so interesting to hear about other "love stories" and the way people found eachother. One question though... What was Kent doing while you were out experiencing life on your own?

  4. I am the 1st comment & no I am not a stalker ;) You crack me up and your stories are fun to listen to! You must be getting SO excited since your wedding is getting so close!

  5. I actually am wondering what dim sum is, and I bet it's delicious. You always have the happiest smiles in your pics! :)

  6. Comment Love. Also, not a serial killer!!

  7. I watch.. you guys are adorable.. xoxo!!


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