Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Fluff in the Craft Room

I found some black bunny vinyls at Marshalls for $1.50 on clearance. I know shocker! I’m surprised people weren’t jumping at the bit to by these. ;o)  I kid, I kid! I think I’m the only one who would want black bunny vinyls.

Well since we do have a black bunny I thought it would be fun to use a few of them in my craft room (which is where Ninja our bunny lives).


I attached one to a white plate I bought at Goodwill. This little shelf is on the wall right above Ninja’s little bunny condo.



I popped into Ninja’s bunny condo to see what he thought about his new bunny decorations and he said LOVES it! ;o)





The planter and frame were pervious Gooodwill finds that I first showed you HERE. I put the frame away until I came across for the perfect picture to put in it. I was cleaning out some stuff and found a greeting card that I’ve been holding on to for awhile……I’m talking since high school. I’ve always loved the print! It just so happed that it fit perfectly in my frame and went great with the color scheme in my craft room! See sometimes holding onto things pays off!

Tip: If you have a cherished greeting card from a loved one or see one at the store you like think about framing it. If you need to fill a larger space on you wall think about finding a series or cards that you like and frame the series in multiple frames on your wall!  That’s what I call cheap art!

*To see my craft room make over click HERE
*To see the before and afters click HERE and HERE


  1. I lurvveee your craft room! Seriously, we should all take lessons from you because you are so crafty and talented! Love the pics :).

  2. I actually think that vinyl is pretty cute! No wonder Ninja likes it. What a sweet little bunny. :)


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