Tuesday, February 08, 2011

She may have eyes for my man………

She may have eyes for my man but I still love her none the less. If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile you know all about our Chihuahua Abby and her infatuation with Kent (my fiancé).

Texas experienced some beautiful weather before the before the BIG snow storm of 2011 hit. I’m talking Spring type weather.

The sun was shining

the sky was a bright blue

a nice cool breeze was blowing

and birds were singing!

I promise I don’t make this stuff up! It was a little teaser of what’s right around the corner.

I was running around nonstop doing this and that when I decided to be still, stop, and enjoy the day.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the back yard with the dogs. I got comfy on the grass and enjoyed the weather and the warmth of the sun on my face.


Look who hung out with me and let me take TONS of pictures of her. Now if Kent was home this would be a different story. She wouldn't even give me the time of day if he was home. But on THIS particular day she wouldn't leave my side and I took full advantage of it! 








Then in true Texas fashion we said goodbye to the high 60’s………..




and hello to streets covered in ice and snow!  Ballet flats went away and the rain boots and heavy jackets came out. I sure enjoyed the little taste of spring but I LOVE cold weather as well so it’s all good with me!


On a random side note: It feels weird to post a picture of myself on here. I really don’t like it. I hate being in pictures by myself but that’s something I’m trying to get over! Why should I feel weird being in a picture by myself on my own blog…..that’s just silly!


  1. Love the one of her laying on her back...so cute!! :) I think the photo of you is great. :) You have such pretty eyes.

  2. It's a great pic of you! I understand though. I feel the same way. I think that readers want to see pics, so bring 'em on!

  3. Cute picture of you! Abby looks almost sweet...but I know better! :)

  4. That last picture of your baby makes me smile big time! How darling is that face! And North Florida has a mutual disregard for seasons.

  5. Love your puppy! She reminds me of our 2 chihuahua's! And that pic of you is gorgeous! I love the way your hat brings out your pretty blue eyes!


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