Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess What Today Is?


It’s the 1st day of spring!

I had this great idea (or at least I thought it was a great idea) to post pictures of Ninja (our bunny) doing his crazy bunny jumps with the words “Spring Has Sprung!”

The problem is most of my pictures ended up looking like this………


Out of focus with Ninja half way out of the frame. We don’t call him Ninja for nothing. This little guy has some stealth Ninja moves!

So instead fun pictures of Ninja doing back flips we’ll have to settle for this………….



It’s the 1st day of spring!
Now don’t be shy get on out there
and enjoy the day!

Cheesy? YES, but it works!

Happy sping y’all!

I’m also blogging about spring over on my photography blog. Hop on over and say hi by clicking HERE


  1. LOL...that is quite a BunBun!!!! Happy Spring to you too!


    Bosco always turns his head just as I am taking his picture. :o)

  3. Just came across your adorable blog! I LOVE it :) Im your newest follower!

  4. He is just so super cute I can't NOT comment! I love the one of him hopping away! Hehe! :)

  5. Hey Kendra! I am just checking in (after being MIA for awhile) and seeing what you're up too! Makes me realize I need to be checking up on you much more often. Your blog always always always puts me in a good mood and a smile on my face. Keep up the fantastic work and creativity! :)

  6. This is too perfect girl! You are such a fantabulous photographer...I'm about the same way with taking a picture of my puppy. I get the side of the head or the tail. Bribery. Happy spring!!! YAY for lovely weather, right!

  7. Oh my gosh that little rabbit is too darling. I need him!!!!! I just love your photography -- you really have an eye.

    Yes, you guessed right, my gold flip flop is a Havana. Aren't they the best. I wear them 11 months out of the year. Sad, but true.

    And the cupcakes -- Yes, those Ikea pans are the coolest. They are tall and thin. The best part is that you can fit 24 cupcakes in 1 cake pan for transport. If the line the pan with tissue paper, it's a cute way to serve them at a large gathering. I did that for a bake sale, and it was a hit. For some reason, everyone went nuts over the shape of the cupcakes. Funny huh. I sell those cupcakes every single year, and yet, when I changed the shape, I sold way more. Go figure. And yes Domestic Princess in training, you so need some of these pans. If you want a fabulous recipe for easy red velvet cupcakes visit my food blog at They are fabulous -- I get special requests all the time to make them for parties and bake sales.


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