Wednesday, March 09, 2011




Right now my dining room looks like this and I like it! It’s the new style…..photographer chic. I’m about to paint the dark wall white. Then it will be my new official studio! Who needs to host dinner parties anyway.




Homemade Valentine's are the BEST! I made these for a few loved ones and totally forgot to mail them out. Oh well I guess I’m ahead of the game for next year! 



IMG_6819-editwDid you know Target carries yoga pants in long and short sizes? This is so exciting for me! I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of yoga pants that touched my shoes. I tried to pass my too short yoga pants off as capris but let’s be honest I wasn’t fooling anyone.




Want to see my mom’s mother of the bride dress? Pretty huh? I think it’s fitting for Vegas. I know she’s going to look smashing in it!




She’s pathetic! It’s hard to tell but she wayyyyy in there. She always finds the best little nooks and crannies to hide out in.


Oh and I was kidding about my mom’s dress! It would be fitting for Vegas but she’s wearing something a little more demure. Did I trick ya? She’ll probably get mad that I posted that picture.  But you know what? She doesn’t read my blog so there!


  1. Woops..typed a whole long comment..then poof..gone! Love the "studio" and yea for long yoga pants. Your Mom is lovely? When is the wedding??? I will be in Vegas April 1st for Celine Dion show!

  2. I love your makeshift studio!! Does your photography blog have any tips for creating something similar? I am very interested!!!

  3. Yes, Target's yoga pants are my FAVORITE!! Thank goodness for longer pants! :)

  4. Hooray for LONG pants. I've tried to pass off my pants that are too short as capris as well, but I'm not really fooling anyone.


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