Monday, March 07, 2011

Pantry/Fridge Staples- A Few of my Faves

Our shopping list is always a mix bag but each week we hit up 2 locations no matter what.

1.  Ranch 99 Market

This is a local Asian super market in Plano, Texas. Kent and I stop here once a week to stock up on meat, tofu, Asian greens, and soymilk. Kent is a superb cook and does most of the cooking during the week. That used to be my job. I’m starting to miss it a little but as my late, late grand pappy use to say “If it ain’t broke done fix it!” Just kidding he didn’t say that….or maybe he did. I never met him. Oh and ps…the owners of the grocery store don’t like you taking pictures of the goodies while your inside. I found that out the hard way.


Kent usually makes a big pot of soup Sunday evenings that I eat for lunch during the week. He makes his own stock out of bones or meat we buy at 99 Ranch and throws in a bunch of leafy greens, garlic, and ginger…..yum!

I’m a member of a veggie/fruit co-op (to read more about our co-op click HERE). Our group shops for produce every 2 weeks. We usually have more than enough produce to last us till the next cycle. We plan our dinners around what we get in our co-op basket.

2. Target


I don’t recommend going to Target for the bulk of your shopping. Their prices are kind of high BUT for quick trips we always hit of Target. Walmart is just a beating! I have to mentally prepare myself to go in that store.

Every week I make sure I have these items! They’re my must haves….along with a few others I didn’t get a picture of.

1. Lite Coffee mate creamer and coffee- Well you know me and my obsession with coffee.

2. Kashi Almond honey bars- I eat them for dessert or when I’m in a rush and need something to fill my belly. They are sooo good!

3. Almond milk: It’s creamy and good with cereal.

4. Peanut butter & Co: I usually get their cinnamon and raisin swirl peanut butter but they were out so I went it white chocolate this time around. It’s good but I like my norm better. This is kind of my special treat! Wish I could eat it all the time but I’m one of those people that gains weight just thinking about eating bad foods. When I’m craving a little something special I’ll eat some of this with an apple. 

5. Chobani Low Fat Greek Yogurt: It’s my favorite Greek yogurt! I love to eat with fruit that we get in our co-op basket. When I want a real treat I mix in a little cinnamon, chopped walnuts and drizzle a little honey over the top. YUM!

6. Weight Watchers Cream Cheese: I spread this over a wasa cracker. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll drizzle a little sriracha hot sauce over the cream cheese for a little kick.


Few other items I always have on hand:    

Fiber Rye   

Honey Vanilla Chamomile Herb Tea

     Huy Fong - Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 17 Oz.



Your Turn: Besides the basics (eggs, fruit, veggies, meat, flour…you know what I’m saying) what are a few items that you always have on hand?

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  1. I've never understood why store owners wouldn't like you taking photos, particularly if you mention you are a blogger. One of the girls in Charming Charlie once told me I couldn't take photos, even after I explained why I was taking them. Too bad for her...I'd already shot 5 or 6 good ones. ;)

    I agree about the WM. Unfortunately, they have pretty good prices around here, so I have to do shopping there. :(

    We like to keep peanut butter, any kind of fruit, organic whole milk (I like skim, but my little one needs all the fat she can get!), Cheez-Its, and whole grain goldfish crackers.

  2. I did a similar post recently too. We love almond milk! You eat that hot sauce on your food? Wowzers...that stuff is hot!!

  3. Our house is peanut butter dependent, so I need to look for that peanut butter! yum :) We are hooked on almond milk too! I love it in cereal and in iced coffee :)

  4. So, how do you get involved in this veggie co-op deal? I am making Jocelyn's baby food and thought that might be a good place to shop, plus a few extra goodies for me! :)

  5. I love the White Chocolate Wonderful! That looks amazing. :D

  6. Tip for Target shopping: Target will accept a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon for the same item for double savings! I agree that Target is expensive for everyday shopping, but if you can find coupons, its not so bad!!


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