Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes I Try to be Like Martha Stewart

Yes it’s no secret sometimes I try to be like Martha! Just like Martha. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail miserably.

This time I failed…….

I failed miserably.


One of my co-op buddies sent out Martha’s Mineola Tangelo Buttermilk Scone recipe since we had tangelos in our co-op basket.




Martha’s scones looked like this……

Minneola Tangelo-Buttermilk Scones

You know beautiful in everyway!


My scones looked like this…….


You know nothing like Martha’s!

When I finished the recipe I looked at my bowl of goop and realized I was NOT going to be able to roll it into a ball like Martha said.

I started added flour, and more flour, until it resembled cake batter. I decided to pour it into muffin tins and cross my fingers. 

Well they're definitely not scones but they turned out pretty tasty. Kent said they were his favorite baked item I’ve made. Not sure if that should make me happy or sad.

I guess scones are back on the list of things I’ve never made.
Sorry I failed you Martha. I hope you still love me. Sad smile



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  1. Scones are so tough ... I hate making them. Your muffins look pretty yummy. Super cute blog - this is my first time visiting.

  2. But if they were that good then it wasn't too big of a fail! When I miss things up, they never end up being good haha.

  3. Yes, when I fail the dogs won't eat them, lol. As long as they taste good, Martha doesn't need to know. :)

  4. Hey, if they taste good...I will rename them and call it a success! Happy Weekend. I popped over from Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Reading Party to say hi.

  5. Martha can be tricky! At least they tastes good, right? lol

    Visiting from Serenity Now!

  6. Hate when that happens!! And your hubby liked them, so I call that a success!

    Glad to have found you through Serenity Now's link party! :)


  7. girl, you're crazy - those look great to me! :-) Stopping by from Amanda's party.

  8. I think they look delicious, Kendra! :) I don't think they have to be in the shape of a scone to be delicious. ;)

  9. Yum. I think your muffin-scones still look tasty. I would definitely eat them. :D

  10. haha, who cares how they look, as long as they taste good :D

  11. Martha is my idol too- that woman can do anything! They may not have turned out like hers, but they look yummy!!


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