Thursday, March 03, 2011

We’ve Registered

We’ve registered. I think that makes it official…..right?

We didn’t want to register.
Our love story is a bit different than the typical.
We’ve been together for 10 years and in our home for 5.
We’re getting married in Vegas and those who are attending are already paying a pretty penny to attend.
We didn’t want people to get us gifts but my mom insisted that we register.
So we did.


IMG_6256-editwI hate this picture of myself but it’s the only proof that I have that I was there. Yes, you’ll see me post bad pictures of myself on here. I’m not one of those people that hides all their bad pictures hoping that they never see the light of day. Sometimes the bad pictures are funny!

No one ever told me that registering is stressful!
I thought it would be fun
but it was draining. 
Somewhere in the mix of it all Kent and I got in a BIG fight about a taco
See what I’m saying! 
It’s stressful and makes you fight about strange and unimportant things. 

I learned that Kent is a towel Nazi. I knew of this but I just didn’t know the extent of it.


He really wanted blue towels.
His very own blue towels that I was in no way ever allowed to touch.
He thought I should have my own set of pink towels.
Do you see where he’s going here? 

He’s a bit of a germaphobe and the possibility of getting new towels, his very own set of new towels was making him giddy with excitement!

I’m not going to lie……
it stung a bit.
Does he think I’m really that disgusting? 

I have video of our conversation about towels but there was a very upset screaming child in the store and you can’t hear a word that we’re saying. If my sis-in-law would have posted THIS sooner. I would have wrote down the link to Kim’s post and slipped it to the mom. I’m sure she would have LOVED that! ;o) She did manage to console her child with a big fat lollypop (Really? Yes giving your child a lollypop when you’re on the phone and too busy to parent will get you the parent of the year award. Didn’t you know that?) I would have sacrificed my ears so the mom could have parented her child. Okay off my soapbox!

Actually I don’t even know what that saying ”I’m going to get on my soapbox” means. Maybe I should Google it! 

Anyhoo my bridal shower is next weekend!!! I’m getting excited.
I have several family members that are not able to attend the wedding so I’m looking forward to celebrating with them next weekend!

I’m sure I’ll have TONS of pictures to share with y’all! 


  1. Exciting!!! You absolutely have to post pictures of your shower!

  2. Looks like fun! LOL at the towel story though. He does look a little too excited over the blue towels. :P


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