Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bloguary Day 14: My Breastfeeding Story

Sooooo I’m not really a sit down and stare at a little black hole type of vlogger. I’m more of a take a camera along and record random stuff type of girl so this made my boots knock a little. Yep I go off in random tangents (you know me), yes I will repeat myself but eh it’s ok! I’ll get better after I do a couple more!

My breastfeeding story has many up and downs (more downs than ups) and has an ending I didn’t foresee but that’s okay. Sometimes things don’t play out the want you want them to. Weston is doing a wonderful job of teaching me that!

If you could care less about breastfeeding you can skip to the end. Weston has a little cameo and he is so dang cute but I am his mama so I’m definitely bias! Or you can just watch to see me forget things and get stuck on my words. It’s okay to laugh!

I think this thumbnail along deserves a good chuckle


The “Supplement, vitamin, supplement” Winking smile I mentioned in the vlog is made by Gaia Herbs and is called Lacation Support.

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