Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas and Halloween All in 1 Trip

Do you LOVE Christmas ornaments like I do? I stopped by Garden Ridge the other day to pick up a few Halloween decorations for our restaurant and got completely side tracked by the aisles and aisles of Christmas ornaments. Really, they have a row for every color of the rainbow!

Ahh lime green! I’ve been using lime green in my Christmas décor for years. I guess I was on the early heels of a trend because what use to be hard to find is now all over the place. They even have a lime green aisle! I guess I don’t have to stock pile lime green ornaments when I come across them anymore.

Can you guess which one of these cuties I brought home with me?
I picked up a couple of the lime green and red polkadotted Christmas trees (bottom right corner). They’re a little fun and funky!

I really, really, really wanted this rug for my kitchen. It was $20.00 and being the cheapo that I am I talked myself out of it. I still love it! Maybe I’ll pick one up after Christmas when it’s on sale (if they still have some left).
Where else can you go looking for Halloween decorations and with leave Christmas ornaments! I did find some great Halloween decorations which were 50% off. I’ll take a few pictures once I put them out in the restaurant.
We’re hosting a horror movie marathon at the restaurantrestaurant next week….a different horror classic every night starting Monday. We just printed some spooky Halloween cocktail menus and are having a costume contest Halloween night…, fun, fun! I’m sure I’ll have some crazy pictures to share after Halloween. Kent and I have decided what were going to be. I’ll post some pictures of that next week too.


  1. I Like the way GR has their ornaments separated by color. I always like to check the birds in their ornament section, and I bought an ornament there to use as a chandelier for one of my birdcages.

  2. That rug is cute! I love the idea of the spooky menus for the restaurant! You'll have to tell me where it is so we can stop by sometime.

    BTW, you have been BOO'd. Visit my blog to see!

  3. I love the rug!! Oh so cute!! I need one of those!!

  4. How fun - lime green! Is it that time already?


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