Friday, October 23, 2009

Frugal Fashions

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve shared my thrifty finds! Oh no, I haven’t quit the habit yet (not sure it’s an addiction I want to quit). I’m still hitting up Goodwill and Thrift Stores whenever I can. I even had a dream the other night that I was shopping at Goodwill. It was just like my normal trips to Goodwill; I met some nice AND strange people, I dug through piles of what others may see as junk, I parked my shopping cart as close to the bathroom as I could and did my business super fast in fear that someone would steal one of my lovely treasures out of my cart while I was in the bathroom. The sad thing is that someone actually did steal something out of my cart this time! Good thing it was only a dream ;o) I see people eyeing my cart when I’m shopping at Goodwill (in real life) but have never had any one take anything out while I was not looking. Have you?
Anyway let me get back on track. I hit the goldmine the other day at a local thrift store and want to share what I brought home.
Brown boots, $4.00
My 1st pair of thrift store shoes!! I never thought I could do it but
I caved in when I saw these. Don’t worry their all sanitized and ready to go.

Remember when I said above that I hit the goldmine? Well I really did! It just so happened that they were having a big sale on their clothing the day I walked in.
Everything I purchased below was 50% off!!!

Gap Stretch Sweater, $2.00
Not super cute on the hanger but I have a vision for this one.
I’m seeing big gold hoop earrings, a flowy bright pink scarf, dark denim jeans and brown boots!

I tried to get a few pictures of me wearing my finds but it’ not easy. I just don’t think seeing them on the hanger does them justice. Oh well I'll work on it.

A bag FULL of clothing for $12.00! Don’t think good ole Marshalls or Ross (two of other favs) could even beat that price! It may be a pain to dig through racks of mished-mashed clothing but sometimes you get lucky and find some great items!

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Few shirts I pick up for Kent, total price for all 3: $4.50He loves when I bring back goodies for him. Not sure which he likes
better, the goodies or the crazy low prices we pay for them.

Banana Republic Sweater, $1.50
I added the pick flower to give it a little color.
It’s on a pin so I can take it off if I like. The flower is also a thrift store find.


  1. Yay for you! I'm totally digging on those boots, and the sweaters are super cute too! I've found so many cute pairs of boots at the thrift stores, and most don't look like they've been worn at all, or at the very least, just a handful of times.

    Yes, let's definitely get together sometime!

  2. here in the philippines, they'll call you "fashionista" (a lady who loves fashion)

    nice to come across your blog. hope u come visit me too

    life 'round meNyou
    earthy me
    at a blink

  3. Don't you just ADORE getting a bargain? And thrift store shopping can be such an adventure. I haven't been to my favorite recently since there was a shooting in their parking lot a couple of weeks ago (VERY bad neighborhood)- sticking to the consignment shops closer to home until I'm feeling brave agin!

  4. So glad you linked up...and good for you with the boots. They are AMAZING! The pin on the sweater is too cute. Thanks for sharing at my frugal fashionista party. :)

  5. I LOVE thrift store shopping! You really can come out with some super cute things- glad to see someone else does too!


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