Thursday, October 01, 2009

HaLLoWeE Extravaganza Post 1: Home Décor

This is my favorite inspiration picture out of the bunch. I love the metallic spray painted pumpkins and how they did a variation of height in the display. Oh, and of course I LOVE the antique mirror as the focal point!

The picture is full of great and inexpensive ideas….which you know I’m all about!

Ahhh don’t you love what they did with the pumpkin!

Something quick and easy! I would wrap the tip of the stems with a damp paper towel to make this center piece last throughout your party. If you wanted to recreated this for a longer period of time you could place a smaller vase inside the lager vase and fill it with water so the flowers would last longer.

I know I’ve seen these long candles at the Dollar Tree, I bet you can even buy some brown lunch bags there as well. You could definitely recreate this one for under $4.00.

What a great way to display punch at your Halloween party. Dry ice just takes it up a notch!

Shame on me…..I didn’t link back to where I found these pictures. They are from Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Garden. If you need how-to’s for any of the pictures above you can visit these sites and look under their Halloween section.
Today I'm linking up with Rhoda. To see what all this Halloween Extravaganza is all about click here. Be sure to check back throughout the day. I will be post all kind of Halloween and Fall inspirations.


  1. The rats stencils (or cutouts?) on the stairs! Love it! How fun. :)

  2. I really like those metallic sprayed pumpkins, I may have to "steal" the idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. ALL of this stuff is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello Kendra - love all your great Fall inspiration photos! Martha's site is fabulous, isn't it? I blogged about some of her ideas I found too. Thank you for sharing, and happy holidays!


  5. WOW! Great eye candy, thanks a ton.


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