Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Craft

I was having crafting withdrawals the other day. I had an hour of down time and wanted to do something quick and easy. Well, it was quick and easy but being the Domestic Princess “in Training” I made it harder than it was.
I used Avery T-Shirt Transfers, a flour sack (purchased at Tuesday Morning),
ribbon, and a clip art image I found online.......

and turned it into a festive Halloween dish towel!

I think she looks nice next to me Jessie Steele apron.
If you don't know who Jessie Steele is you have to check out her site. She designs the cuties aprons!

Here are the problems I encountered while doing this super easy (project that I made harder than it should be).
1. If you decide to tackle this be sure that you iron your fabric extremely well. Even if you think you've gotten all the wrinkles out, look again. If it's not ironed properly the wrinkles will cause wrinkles in the transfer.
2. The first one I did (yes you are seeing attempt 3 above, I know I'm sad.) was sooo cute! I Typed the words Witch way to the candy? in a fun bright orange font under the witch. Well when I did the transfer the words came out backwards......duh! I spent a good 30min trying to figure out how to invert the wording so it would come out the right way. Like I said above, I only had an hour for a fast and simple project and I was approaching my stopping point. After doing some research and trying to figure it out I gave up and did one without the wording. That's why you are seeing the towel above without the fun phrase. If anyone knows how to invert wording or pictures on Word and would like to spread the knowledge I would love to learn!
Even though she's missing a little color I think she came out nicely. Another cheap, and versatile project. Once I master the wording trick I'm going to do a few more.
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  1. Cute towel! I haven't figured out how to print words backward yet, either. Let me know if you find out! :)
    thanks for linking up!

  2. Liking the Towel, this will have be be my next crafty attempt. I myself just started a blog similar tto yours, but dealing with being a crafty mommy! Hope you check it out! buddingcraftmommy.blogspot.com

  3. Love it! Maybe I can get one done in time for Christmas.
    Also a little bit of Word help.Insert your wording using Word Art.Then go to the arrange box under ther the format tab.To the right of text wrapping is a rotate icon. Click on that and then it will allow you to choose to flip your wording.This should also work for pictures as well.Hope that helps.

  4. To print backwards, click on "print", in your "printer properties" it should say something like "mirror image" mine is under the "advanced" options...hope this helps!

  5. Do you have paint, you can flip the image in paint

  6. I so love this! Very cute. I'm no help on the reverse transfer thing, unless you have photoshop.

  7. You are so funny!! You sound like me. But the 3rd try turned out great.

  8. Looks so cute! I love it by the apron!


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