Thursday, October 01, 2009

!HaLlOwEeN Extravaganza!

I love to decorate for Halloween! There’s just something about spookiness of it all that appeals to me. Kent is not one to decorate but he even gets in on all the Halloween decorating fun. He made us some eerie tombstones and a rickety grave yard fence a few years back. When October rolls around our front yard magically turns into and old creepy graveyard. We LOVE to sit in our front dining room and watch all the trick or treaters run for the hills when they get spooked out. I’ve even had to chase down a grown woman who was collecting candy for her infant. The funny thing was that her baby was all smiles but she was freaked out! I had to tell her everything was fake….come on, really? Of course I meet the little ones at the front porch when I see them coming. I don’t want to frighten them…..I may be mean but not that mean ;o)

This year we will be skipping all the Halloween hoopla. Things are just too busy over here and I can not fathom taking all the Halloween tubs out of the attic just to turn around and put them right back up. Even though we’re not decorating this year I’m still on the hunt for inspiration pictures for upcoming years. So, in honor of the first day of October I thought it would be fun to do an ALL day Halloween Extravaganza! Throughout the day I will post inspirational pictures of Halloween décor, costume ideas for you and your little ones and creepy recopies. I may not be decorating for Halloween this year but I’m sure many of you are so hopefully this will get your decorating juices flowing. Check back throughout the day… don’t want to miss all the Halloween FUN!!!!!!
Tell all your bloggy friends to stop by and join in on all the Halloween fun!


  1. Hi Kendra, I just went through all of your Halloween postings. I just love having all of these ideas to inspire me. Isn't that what today's party was supposed to be all about? I want to thank you for coming by to visit and for leaving such a sweet comment. I hope you will visit again, okay? I will do the same, as I've taken your button...
    :-) Sue

  2. Great idea, Kendra! Looking forward to reading all your posts!



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