Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Week 2: Getting in the Groove
(If you didn't have time to join us last week you can join in this week)

My Answers: 1. How did your week go? My week went pretty well. I ate within my point allowance and did a good job of writing what I ate in my food journal. Who would have thought something as simple as writing down what you eat would make such a difference. It really keeps you accountable and reminds you what you’ve eaten throughout the day.

2. Were you faced with any challenges? If so what were they? Well, I didn’t do so hot in regards to my workouts. I set a goal to work out 4-5 times a week and only made it to the gym once, shame on me. Also aunt Flow decided to come for a visit the day before my WW meeting. I usually go up a pound or 2 when it’s that time of the month so I really didn’t want to go to my meeting because I knew it wouldn’t show my loss. The good thing is that I faced the facts and went anyway and I’m glad I did even if the scale said that I went up .4 (which is much better than my usual 2lbs when aunt Flow is here).

3. How do you plan to work on conquering these challenges in the upcoming weeks? If you were a rock star and went through the week without any concerns you can talk about that here as well. I’m working on my workout rut. I went to the gym bright and early Monday morning and made friends with the elliptical, we hung out for about 40 min with a 5 min cool down! Kent downloaded some old episodes of The Office for me to watch on my little player. I love The Office and it will give me something to look forward to during my workouts. I hope the other gym patrons didn't think I was too crazy when I let out a little chuckle now and then.

4. What were a few things you did this week to get you moving in the right direction? If you took a picture/pictures of you doing any of these activities you can include them here.

Where was I going on this lazy rainy day...........

to the gym, to get my booty in gear and here is proof! I tried to take a pic of myself after the workout but it sure wasn’t pretty so I thought I would save you from being blinded by a big hot sweaty mess ;o)
A few other things I did:

1. Did ya know that we own a pizza restaurant? Well we do and let me tell ya it's hard to stay on track when your around pizza a lot. I made sure I wasn't hungry when I went into the restaurant and stayed away from the pizza. I sure did miss it though so Kent and I went up one night and had a few slices (my cheat meal of course) and that was it for the week.

2. I cut my Starbucks trips wayyy down. I drank hot tea and coffee at home :0)

3. I included lots of veggies with my meals to keep me nice and full.

Next week.......... I'm going to ask you to include your favorite healthy recipe. It could be a meal or a snack. If you happen to cook it this week take a picture so you can include it in your post next week. Also I will want to know your favorite healthy items that you keep stocked in your home. It can be a product or your favorite fruit or veggie. If you have them on hand snap a picture of it as well so you can include it in next weeks post.

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2. Be honest in your answers to this week’s questions as well as upcoming weeks. You owe it to yourself!
3. If there is a weekly question you do not feel comfortable answering…..no problem, just skip it.
4. If you have something weighing on your heart that does not correlate to the weekly questions but is something relating to your weight loss goal include it in your weekly post. We’re doing this to support each other so blog about whatever your little heart needs to, to get you moving in the right direction.
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  1. I am so glad to hear you only worked out once last week! I don't feel like such a slacker! I, also, only exercized once, but I ate healthy and did lose 3 pounds - YIPPEE! I just got back from a visit to the neurosurgeon, who said we could adopt a "wait and see" attitude about the pain I've been having (two spinal surgeries already this year) and to keep exercizing, so I'm motivated to do better this week!

  2. I'll have a healthy REALLY low WW point recipe that you can make ahead and freeze for quick eating later. AND it totally feels like cheating! I'm not too addicted to sweets and stuff, but I am a girl who needs her FOOD, especially at lunch time. This one totally fills me up and feels like I am eating something WAY fattening. I can have an entire filling lunch for about 5 points (compared to the 16+ that eating the frozen packaged kind provides). I'll post about it next week and link up!

  3. Hi Kendra! Gosh! Weight Watchers is the only way to go! I'm convinced. I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose but what I have been carrying around on my body has really depressed me. I'm getting older and I don't want to have heart disease or any of the OTHER ailments that affect our society because of poor eating habits.

    I joined WW online. My hubbs found a 1 month free coupon and so I got 4 months for the price of 3. I also signed up my girl. She doesn't have a lot to lose either...more about getting healthy.

    I've lost 10 pounds and want to press to drop the other 20 I've been fooling myself about. I miss my thin face...my thinNER body and the energy I once had. I'm so going to do this! The holidays don't worry me as I'm incredibly disciplined. It's the GETTING STARTED that's tough!

    I'm going to follow along so I can see what you are up to. Where to I sign up for the challenge?


  4. I found that when I was using our treadmill at home, distraction was key. I would watch all kinds of TV shows (mostly HGTV and Biggest Loser) and it really helped to pass the time!

    I'm so impressed that you were able to fend off the pizza! Keep it up! I'm trying to "rediscover" veggies myself - I didn't blog about it but I've been getting veggies from our cafeteria at lunchtime and they are tasty (and cheap)! Week one was a wake up call for me and I'm really hoping to do better in week 2 - I'm really looking forward to feeling the benefits of working out more regularly. Thanks so much for starting this challenge!

  5. WW is great, I joined a few years ago and took off over 20 lbs. It was the best I felt in a long time. Now .. I am back on after gaining all that I lost plus more. I'm ready for a challenge

  6. So sorry that I am "tardy for the party." Cheesy right? I finally got my post up and I will be around to visit everyone soon.

  7. hi there i came across your blog...very nice , i have been keeping a weight loss blog and challenging myself too...id love to link up with a few supportive folks

    all the best, and keep it up!


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